Review: Combining colon hydrotherapy with the principles of love, compassion and forgiveness

Review: Combining colon hydrotherapy with the principles of love, compassion and forgiveness

Just imagine someone who combined colon hydrotherapy with the principles of love, compassion and forgiveness. That sums up the work and teachings of author Cindy Sellers who is based at ‘Angel Farms’ in Hawaii and has led over 5,000 people through a ten day cleanse process. In the book, Cindy describes many people who were critically ill and returned to physical health as a result of taking part in her ten day program. She describes many of the miracles she has witnessed and how these have greatly strengthened the faith she has in the body to heal itself under the right conditions. Cindy Sellers writes about how truly profound and life changing this ten day cleanse process has been for people who have done it.

In “You Don’t Have to Hurt Anymore” Cindy explains that the colon is actually the ‘seat’ of health in the body and that this is something that the ancients seemed to have understood very well. According to this book, an ancient principle is that the colon feeds all the major organs in the body and the colon is also a means by which all these organs can expel waste and thus function at an optimal level. You can read a fascinating passage in The Dead Sea Scrolls that is presented in the book. This passage suggests that cleansing one’s colon was in fact the original baptism and that the rite of baptism in a flowing river was a secondary ritual only experienced after a thorough colon cleanse had taken place over many days beforehand.

Cindy Sellers provides advice for how to care for the soul and how to free the spirit also. According to Cindy, the most basic health principle is “Drink a gallon of water and love as much as you can.” She also shares with us the question that she asks everyone who participates in her program “How much do you love yourself on a scale of one to ten?.. and “How much does God love you on a scale of one to ten?” Of course the answer in each case should be a ‘ten’ and we’re told that “It’s the ‘tens’ who will change the world.. not the ‘nines.” Even just trying to live by some of the health principles in this book will bring about change in your life for the better.

This book is packed full of information about health and the functions of the body and how to best create harmony in the physical body and peace in the world. It’s guaranteed that you will find that this book has a great deal of information to help us all move in a newer and more positive life direction. I recommend this inspiring book! — Megan Magdalene

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