Miracles and Testimonials

DISCLAIMER: You will find SIDE EFFECTS that happen at Angel Farms listed throughout our website, e-newsletters, and all our copyrighted material. We are not doctors. We educate and empower each individual to allow their own miracles and healing to  happen for themselves by Cleansing their body/temple with our unique and patented program. Healing, regeneration, health conditions “magically” gone, such as diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain, chronic headaches, brain fogginess, and others listed on this site and on all Angel Farms copyrighted materials are just SIDE EFFECTS. We do not nor have we ever claimed we cure diseases and conditions. When the body is Cleansed, miracles DO happen and we expect miracles to happen. Everyone does get a miracle at Angel Farms, and everyone has their own unique experience and journey to wholeness.

Some “Side Effects” for you to enjoy

“My liver/abdominal pain has abated. My Lower back feels more open. Skim crusty on ankle healed. more mental clarity. Reported states of Grace. Feel anger and frustration in my liver is healing nicely. The process made me approachable and smooth with the open-heartedness of the staff, no judgements. There is a very real feeling of empowerment and healing.”

– CC, VT

“I feel much more in balance and at peace, physically a bit tired (just got off the board) and in a great mood. Overall, an absolutely wonderful experience. You already know that I’ll do this again! You are FAMILY! This is life. Cleansing provides a True Life RESET.” – TS, CA

“I began the Angel Farms Cleanse 10 days ago and I sense a deep healing in my gut take place. I am not too afflicted with physical problems but I can feel that I NEEDED THIS! The spiritual, emotional and mental aspects are also a big help to my overall health. If I can go through this process, so can you! EVERYONE needs this Cleanse.” – CC, Kauai

“I feel calmer, lighter, clean and refreshed. It will change your life in an unexplainable way.” – SS, CA

“Amazed by amounts of parasites, stones, mucus, oil — UNREAL! Extremely grateful I found Angel Farms. Loved the recordings during the Cleanse. Cindy is a True GIFT. Enhance the quality of your life with a 12-day Cleanse. Do it. You Deserve It. Can’t afford NOT to experience Love while learning to Love Yourself.” – PF, TN

“I feel deeply returned back to self, clearing away toxicity, heavy metals and (ow!) SO many parasites. I feel I can finally feel my own energy again and sense of self! Do Not wait! This Cleanse is the biggest healing gift you can give yourself. I can’t wait to bring my full family back!” – AR, CA

“I am really happy to have all that crap out of me. Emotionally, I am looking forward to losing any hate. Everyone can benefit from this.” – CC, Kauai

“My blood sugar is normalizing and so much released from my liver. I was finally able to truly forgive myself.” – BJ, CA

“After 8 days, I’m feeling renewed, energized, and my red eyes cleared up after Day 2. I have made a lot of progress forgiving and becoming more aware of what’s going on in my heart and mind. My anxiety has diminished. My focus and optimism have increased. I look forward to applying the education here to my daily life!….It’s a great springboard to a healthier happier lifestyle and can truly help us heal from chronic health issues.” – AP, IL

“Clear awareness about the clean vibration in my body. A very strong sense of healing. A renewed vision for myself and the world around me. A deep listening to what wants to come through….There is nothing like this cleanse on the planet. To me, it is the most illuminating journey you can take your mind, body and spirit on. As well as the most precious gift you can give to the world.” – KB, Hawaii

“Physically, I was feeling pretty good already but felt stuffed. I don’t feel that as much. I still have knee joint stiffness. I feel very positive to go forward with so many health habits. My eyes are clear and my brain feels clearer. Emotionally/spiritually: I really get the message that any negativity, judgment, anger, etc will not serve me and just don’t go there. I feel much more positive, alive, awake and happy…It’s totally transformative. Seems to heal – or certainty – improve – all conditions. I’d actually say it’s a shift in consciousness.” – AJ, CO

“I feel so clean and clear in my body, mind, and spirit. The team at Angel Farms is so Amazing! They were with me every step of the way to support my journey of remembrance. Through this process, i was able to clear stuck and limiting beliefs that were stored in my body. WOW! I didn’t know I was living with that much literal baggage. Thank you to Cindy and the whole team. Aloha! This cleanse is life changing and it really is so simple and quick to clear out any unwanted physical, emotional or spiritual baggage.” – WB

“Miracles abound! If you have an intractable health issue, you owe it to yourself and your family and friends to come to Angel Farms. Best results and best value for those results.” – AM, CA

“I am happy I got to do this Cleanse! The information presented is amazing and I feel clean and strong! I am so lucky to have been able to be here and learn so much. Your life is about to change!” – SR, IL

“I came to Angel Farms burned out, tired, and with some heartbeat issues, due to stress. I have released so much anger, grief, and frustration in my body. Released various toxins and parasites. I feel so much lighter, my skin is brighter, my eyes clearer and I have more energy. I wish I had done this years ago, but everything in God’s perfect timing! I feel like I have had an amazing reset that will propel me into my life on a much healthier path. I will approach all of my relationships with renewed Love. Along the way I have found some amazing new friends in my housemates – an added surprise bonus! Just Do It! I wasn’t looking forward to the actual cleanse process, but after the first day my anxiety went away. The blended/soft diet was yummy and satisfying!” – LG

“I’m still in Texas, but I can tell I’ll continue to heal, regarding pain in my shoulder and other joints. Straightened out my hammer toes. Can’t wait to see what shedding toxins and colon crud will do. Liver cleanse was impressive. Sleep improved, energy level went up, although the sessions were tiring. My eyes cleared up and my hair darkened. Emotionally, I felt an oppressive weight lifted, allowing me to see the beauty all around. Got some good insight into dealing with conflicts with others, both present and those carried forward from the past. Spiritually, I became closer to God. Was able to put more context in the relationship. The regression exercise was powerful.” – DD, TX

Like a veil of muck has been lifted from my being – physically, emotionally and spiritually.” – BKS, HI

“Twenty plus years of daily and constant diarrhea gone! Hypoglycemia gone! (Medically diagnosed with a full glucose tolerance test 40 years ago). Chronic low blood pressure, gone! Extreme chronic fatigue gone! I have experienced incredible “youth-ing.” Posture and gait greatly improved! I have returned to the weight I carried in my 30’s — over 30 years ago! My belly is toned and flat. Excessive belly fat is gone and no more bloating or gas! My fingernails and toenails are pink and strong. Body temperature regulation is great! No cold hands or feet. Hair is no longer dry and straw-like. I was calling it my “old lady hair.” Now my hair is darkened and is moist, silky and shiny. No more dry mouth or too frequent urination. All symptoms of insulin resistance are gone. I have lots of energy and strength now! I have learned what true forgiveness is and now truly understand that my resentments and judgments are only harming myself. I am letting go of resentments and judgements because I love myself and I AM WORTHY OF GREAT JOY. I LOVE YOU. I love all that is. I love me. God…This is the only healing “modality” or program that I have done in my life that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone and everyone. I wish I could sponsor all of my loved ones if they wanted this. I did a GoFundMe to bring a friend here and hence I will say, if you want to do this and finances are standing in the way, find a way to raise the money. I have spent 100s of thousands of dollars over my lifetime on alternative healthcare that my medical insurance wouldn’t pay for and this was the best investment out of all that I have done. And I have worked with MANY AMAZING, expert practitioners over decades–most helped A LOT but none could help me shift at the core level. To live without hypoglycemia, low blood pressure, diarrhea and MASSIVE chronic fatigue, no one else was able to shift these debilitating issues. I am Reborn!” – LR, HI

“My insides are feeling clean and beautiful. My emotional health is starting to stabilize. I feel like I ‘m on the road to new emotional outcomes. I have been spiritual most of my life. Now I feel like a new door has opened and I’m ready to walk through that door. Get on the plane and change your life!” – JH, HI

“Besides the outward appearance of facial skin brighter and tighter and seeing a weight loss where I see my waist again. I saw an impressive amount of liver and gall stones released as well as other things of old. In the manner of no digested materials a person would really want out of them…The Cleanse at Angel Farms is a game changer in so many ways in one’s life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each person has their own unique positive changes.” – AL, CA

“Do this Cleanse out of Love for yourself. All of us need the Awakening, to let go of past mistakes from others and our own conscious and unconscious.”  – VC, CA

“I feel lighter and more spiritually connected. There is a feeling of freedom after the Cleanse. One of the most transformational experiences.” – LS, UT

“I feel there is more to share after 30 days. Lighter weight, mentally and physically. Look forward to new blood test results and will share. Stick with it, you are worth it!” – MF, Logan, UT

“I came to Angel Farms 15 years after my first retreat. I had a reverse shoulder replacement and after 3.5 months, I still had severe shoulder pain and low energy. When I searched my mind for how I was going to recover, Cindy appeared. And how grateful I am! The worst of my shoulder pain suddenly, not gradually, was gone after the first week. My energy is 100% better after the liver cleanse. I am already planning to come back next year.” – CT, ID

“I am still undergoing my physical miracle…I have experienced emotional rebalancing and recentering, including addressing rage and grief. I feel more loving…Do it for yourself. This might be the single most important thing I have done for my health in my entire life….I feel so loved, reassured and certain in my life.” – AM, WA 

“I feel like a new person: brighter, lighter, more present. Angel Farms is a very special place. Cindy is a very special healer. Just do it. This will change your life. There’s nothing else like this out there. Whatever it is you are dealing with, Angel Farms can help.” – CR, VT

“I feel like I can’t answer this completely right now. Healing and regeneration take time. I feel like as Porter said, “I’ve cleared the battlefield” so I can heal and regenerate. I feel like my vessel is clearing the physical part. For me it seems like it’s going to take time as I’ve been feeling so awful for so long. I am encouraged by the things I’m getting out of my body and feel like I have a strong foundation for nutrient absorption and I feel like my future is bright. I feel so much love for myself and peace with myself.”  – AG, AZ

“After 10 days, I feel a clarity in my mind and spirit. My body still feels like it is clearing and healing. I look forward to seeing how my physical health will be in 30 days from now. I am leaving with less fear, more hope, more tools. I feel grateful and blessed for all the love and support.” – Cherie, HI

“I feel healthy. I feel more love and I feel grateful.” – Mindy

“I feel amazing! I came for maintenance after 10 years. During that 10 years all I could think of is how much I need my maintenance.” – Andras

“I am feeling energetic, my joints don’t hurt anymore. I feel happy and I am looking forward to doing this in my life. I am so grateful for this program that brings Total Health, and you learn so much about your own body. Grateful, Grateful, Grateful!”

– Zoila

“I had a long-standing prolapse condition that has now been resolved without surgery. My bladder and kidneys were compromised and through the cleanse at Angel Farms I have now cleaned and prepared the body for healing these issues. During this Cleanse, I managed to clear my colon of polyps which my doctor said would have killed me within 5 years if I had not caught them in time.” – Pauline

“My muscles and joints are free of pain and I can walk miles now. I am emotionally balanced, I am beautiful, and I love myself at 10. Wow, what an amazing gift it is to finally be here at Angel Farms. My skin is so soft and I have less wrinkles. My nails are strong and not peeling. My circulation is improving. My eyes are getting stronger. I feel lighter after releasing all of that rubbish in my colon. The old pockets of yuck. Those hundreds of little stones and those parasites. I feel more spiritual and I have found my way to unending love. I had to be reminded that God is love and that I am love too.” – Julia

“I feel at peace with myself, and my upcoming life. I am lighter. I had the chance to find my long forgotten faith in God, and love. I still have a long journey ahead of me, which I am looking forward to. My relationships will highly benefit from this.” – Tituse, HI

“Deepened my relationship with spirit. My hair has more color now and I’ve also lost 10 lbs.” – David

“Blockages cleared! No More bloated belly. I feel so much lighter in my posture. I feel so much brighter, calm, peaceful and relaxed. I have changed my language in positive ways. I am noticing when I am thinking and being in the past or future instead of in the now and am returning to the now more quickly with the tools that I have been taught which are simple to apply. I accept myself. I love myself a 10!” – Leslee, HI

“I feel much more grounded and centered in my body and mind. Color and senses seem brighter. I feel more positive about the future, past and present.” – Kyrie, PA

“Finally an answer to parasites after years of not being able to find a solution. I feel more confident on my path knowing I have tools for health and well-being.” – Shaina, CA

“I am just so grateful to find myself here doing this amazing program. I am totally in awe of everything I am learning and how the body works in connection to the colon. I am so amazed by what comes out of our colon that has probably been living there for years. I love what you teach, Cindy. It’s everything that I believe, but you put it in a way that is so easy to understand. Every day while at Angel Farms, it always goes back to the same thing which is Love! Cindy, I am so grateful for your years of research to make this a possibility for all of us to experience. I thank you! I will definitely be sharing what I have learned with people that are open to staying healthy. Much Mahalo from the bottom of my heart. Angel Farms is life-changing. Just be open, let it go, and go back home a different person than you were when you left.” – Cherie, Kauai

“I know if I answered this weeks from now it would be different, in a positive way. But, today I feel lighter, healthier, cleaner and more positive! I know I have the tools and power to be the best version of me, the person I want to be inside and out. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m on my way one day at a time. I feel I made a jump start for life and for that I am grateful! Cindy, you opened your house and your heart to share your love and knowledge so I can be healthier and happier. Awesome!” – Harriet, HI

“A miracle! My hip and knee pain is gone! The sore throat and redness I have had for over 2 years is gone! I have reunited with God! Angel Farms is just excellent. Cindy’s session with me was out of this universe! The communication with God felt like my mind was getting clear and open.” – Maritza, Canada, Homemaker

“I now have a new knowingness of who I truly am at an experiential level. I came here looking for physical healing for my mother, and I am leaving with much more than that. It is incredible. Angel Farms is life transforming Beyond Your Wildest imagination! Cindy’s session with me was life transforming, revealing, and absolutely liberating!” – Yoniray, Canada, Therapist

“I find I’ve developed more awareness to the things that bump me off my center, and I can recognize what counterproductive emotion is at the heart of my reaction. My abscess came to a white head the size of a pearl, and then seems to have disappeared completely! The parasites I thought were in me, but told my kids I’d imagined it, came out! What a relief to be seen as a whole, loving, being. Thank you for seeing me and supporting this process of transformation! Just do this program! This has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. Absolutely a life-changing investment in your health and well-being!” – Mira, CA, Healer

“Physically coming back. Emotionally starting to stabilize. Spiritually very connected thank you. I recommend you just do it.” – Randall, Kauai

“I have been to Angel Farms before, originating from a breast cancer diagnosis three and a half years ago. This program has helped me in so many ways and so many levels. Cleansing my body, boosting my immune system exponentially. I am certain, my capacity to navigate chemo and have incredible healing post double mastectomy has been successful due to my visits to Angel Farms. Run to Angel Farms, do not walk! You will fly home and be transformed.” – Rene, CA

“I came in with Crohn’s gut ache, bloating, constant farting, and eczema in my eyebrows. I had a lot of fear about the future too. Very quickly the symptoms started to relieve and most importantly my future brightened! I feel cleaner and happier. I would encourage people to listen to their heart, instincts, and gut. It was a feeling that brought me to Angel Farms, more than a thought!” – Matthew, HI

“All of my stated physical issues reduced immensely! The main issue I knew was causing my physical problems has totally been eliminated and now the light shines on my old pattern that was hidden from me. My mental state is peaceful and my emotional state has shifted with awareness! Now I can be the loving being I know I am!  All the people, and a comprehensive and full spectrum approach was the key that unlocked the gates of hell, (haha) to realize it was all made up by me. Why would God do that? The loving presence and approach while holding space for the s*** to come forth is most important and  a very good model for us and others. Follow your heart to Angel Farms, not your mind, in getting here. The most important step is to say yes! And the rest will follow, like Dominos. Angel Farms is the first step in empowering yourself and then watch the Miracles occur in Body, Mind, emotional, and Spirit” – Laurel, HI

“I have experienced mental clarity, clear eyesight, and a general lifting of spirit. I have more energy in general. My hair got darker and my skin lost wrinkles too. This Cleanse is truly necessary for good health and well-being.” – Seth, HI

“I feel better and my stomach doesn’t hurt! I’m not bloated and huge in my belly anymore. I feel like I’m not inflamed anymore. At Angel Farms, you will feel better. It will save your life!” – Elizabeth, HI

“If you want Healthspan, not merely Lifespan, do this Cleanse at Angel Farms. Cindy’s session with me felt very safe, intimate, and I was with an Angel when I went through the rebirth to my new self.” – Peggy, CO

“I feel much better and am eternally grateful for Angel Farms! Physically, I feel lighter and filled with energy. Emotionally, I am happy, filled with joy, and 10 out of 10 in love with myself! Spiritually, I feel more connected with source and in touch with my intuition. Spiritually this Cleanse has brought me closer to God. Everyone who is part of the Angel Farms family is full of light and love, and I leave feeling the same myself! Thank you with all of my heart. Go to Angel Farms!! You have no idea how much it will change your life. We are all sicker than we realize, and this is the best possible step in the direction of feeling really great.” – Charlie, IL

“What has come out of me each day has given me so much compassion and appreciation for my body and a deeper commitment to take care of myself. The clearing, releasing, and letting go each day has helped me to release my grip on other areas of my life too. It has also helped me to translate the physical healing into emotional and spiritual realms. I feel lighter now because I have plans and have been filled with more light. I’m so grateful for Cindy’s guidance to strengthen our awareness of the truth in our bodies, the truth about who we really are, and the relationship we have with God! I feel more supported than ever thanks to Cindy modeling unconditional love and reminding me that I have endless amounts of that love available within me, from God, to carry me through all of life. I feel myself again in a way that reminds me of how I felt as a child. This program is a true blessing here on earth. Thank you. Don’t walk, run to Angel farms! It will be the best gift you’ve ever given yourself! You are worth it! To honor your life and your body by cleansing and regenerating it shows what your life is really about. If we don’t have our full health we don’t get to enjoy our lives like we’re meant to. This program is a true Act of self love. Cindy’s session was a powerful experience that will be with me forever! Thank you Cindy for your warm and genuine expression of unconditional love.” – Kenzie, Guatemala

“The Angel Farms program has been more than I ever could imagine. The Cleanse has made me feel younger and I have more energy. The additional modalities of massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic are some of the best practitioners I have ever experienced. The spiritual and emotional awareness of how it works together with our physical bodies is an education that is the greatest gift anyone could ever do for themselves. This program is a gift to yourself for true physical, mental, and spiritual health.” – Sid/Retired Engineer/AK

“What an amazing experience. I have been going to doctors for many years and none of them have even come close to what Angel Farms provides through Cindy’s knowledge of what it takes to heal the body. I am extremely thankful and blessed by this ministry. The program at Angel Farms is the best money you will ever spend on yourself. If you are considering coming here, DO IT!” – Debbie/Project Controls Specialist/AK

“What I experienced at Angel Farms is beyond words. I have infinite gratitude and great, great love.” – Christopher/Retired/AZ

“Physically: My eyes are clearer and there are less bags beneath them. My skin is clearer and radiant. Fingernails are harder. Lighter “age spots” and I am looking younger! I am NOT CONSTIPATED (first time in probably over a year)!!! 

Emotionally: I am aware of the “parasitic nature” of comparing. I am more aware overall of my inner “habits” and able to shift them sooner. I love myself a 10!!! It doesn’t feel like I need to fake it until I make it. 

Spiritually: I have a deeper remembrance of my sacredness and of a revered pathway to reconnecting with God. 

My advice to someone interested in the Angel Farms program would be:
It is never to late to learn how to love yourself. This program is beyond words and beyond a price tag! Completely worth the investment to become clearer or freer to live your life whole again.” – Suz/Counselor/MX

“The Cleanse has been a major reset for me: Physically: I experienced a new relationship with my colon, liver, and an overall reconnection with food and nourishment.

Emotionally: I am really feeling on another level the difference between coming from love or fear. I have been aware of that and have been able to differentiate where I am coming from in my thoughts and feelings better with others as well.

Spiritually: I remembered that there is a bigger Love than me, bigger than the human race, and I can be held by that Love anytime when I ask.

Some words of encouragement to someone interested in this program:
Come with an open mind. Alter yourself, if needed, to be moved. You will experience a cleaning out like never before. Your health, well being, and spirit are worth the investment. It’s a foundation for the rest of your life.” – Joel/Educator/MX

“ I definitely feel a lot cleaner and lighter. I learned a lot for sure. I am so glad I participated in helping a friend’s GoFundMe for her to come here. That is how I discovered Angel Farms and how I am here today. Worth it!!!”  -Priscilla/Self Employed/AZ

“I came here feeling “pretty good”, a term I’ve used to describe my health when I am not feeling bad. I had long forgotten what really good, deep vibrant, and energized felt like. I knew I was in the right place; I just wasn’t sure what I would discover. Ten days later, I have released an old self. Worms, plugs, mucus, polyps (a big one!), pockets, and blood worms. And, what was released right along with it were the emotions and patterns surrounding them. My neck is healed also after 8 years of chronic pain and headaches. My heart, energy, and spirit are also healed; and what’s more, they are/ I am totally upleveled and upgraded to their/ my original essence of pure love. I am here to live life, to live MY life, freely and joyfully. In the past 10 days, I have come to know and remember deep parts of myself that bring me so much happiness, sweetness, and peace. My healing with Cindy was a catalyst of transformation in all of this: I am safe, I am the safety, and of course, it all expands from there. I am transformed from the inside out! And this phrase now has a totally new meaning for me. Thank you for saying yes to the work Cindy, Larry, and the team. Thank you for staying focused on the small groups and not getting lost to “the many”. My gratitude knows no bounds for this program. It has altered the course of my life by healing me from the inside out and giving me the chance to fully embody myself. 

Find a way to get yourself here. There will not be a minute or day that you regret what it took. If you are ready to know the miracle of your body and what it feels like to live with love, joy, and vibrancy, then show up. It’s all here for you, all you’ve been waiting and hoping for and more. You are worth it! Take this time to reconnect with your body and spirit. They have a lot to tell you, to remind you of. I recommend unplugging as much as possible. Set your “out of office” reply, tell your family, friends, and community that you are taking some time for yourself. Lay in the grass. Be in the silence. Read your book. You won’t regret this gift to yourself. You will witness miracles. Ten days of your life to transform from the inside out.” -Oakley/Licensed Professional Therapist/VT

“Physically, no pain and better distance vision. I have a soft belly and can breathe normally again. I had a huge release of C1 left side with Dr. Gregory (our chiropractor) WOW! Emotionally I had such a deep house cleaning. I needed this time to go this deep and release. Spiritually, I feel back in my original pure innocent connection with God and Yeshua. I hear only loving voices in my head! Thank you. Make it happen and remember you are worth it!!!” -Maria/ Healer/Teacher/HI   

“My husband and I have returned for the 10 days over and over. I have found that my healing, physical, mental, and spiritual is unfolding to a beautiful, deeper level with each visit. It’s not just about a cleaner colon, but even that process has taken its own sweet time and benefited anew with each visit. I have never seen anyone here who has not left deeply transformed after the 10 days.” -Paula/Architect/OR

“Knee pain is gone. I am free. Fear is gone. I feel free. I am home. We are all home but don’t realize it. Once you clean your vessel effortlessly at Angel Farms, you will experience your truth. LOVE!!!” -Robert/OR

“My miracles: No more gout, no arthritic pain in my left hand, left leg swelling reduced, my white hair is darker. The color is back in my face, lines on my face have filled in, I look younger, and my skin is supple. I dropped 2 to 3 inches in my waist, and now I have loose fitting clothing which was previously tight. My circulation has improved. No more cold hands and feet, and neck pain is gone. I sleep knowing I AM. I am having such deep restful sleep and recognize the power and accept that it lives in me. I have new taste buds. I have a deeper, compassion, and acceptance of myself. I feel freer to fly and live my life with purpose and to have a divine relationship with me and no fear of falling. I am allowing myself to BE- joy, present, beyond words, eternal, everlasting love. Jump in, step in Absolute. I bathe myself, this whole blessed body, mind, soul, and spirit, every particle of my being. No matter where I am, God is, and where God is I am, no matter what. The outings I experienced with Cindy, so joyful, sharing her joy, as in an ocean of love, a forest of vibrant beauty, giggles, and laughter as she contributes in the grid of grace, compassionately.
You are so worth it! The best investment/ gift you could give yourself. So much information and knowledge is available in this setting and design of the program. It is absolutely life showing you what is not only possible, but that it is inside you first and foremost. I felt so pampered, well nourished, and relaxed.” -Melissa/Natural Therapeutic Specialist/NM

“I feel lighter, stronger, healthier, more patient, more full of love, and more full of presence. I feel great! I feel like I can go back home and really continue to live well! Thank you! 
If you feel uncomfortable, get over it! The people here are trustworthy and amazing.” -David/Pilot/NM

“I felt like I was aging backwards. I had my physical body meet the work of my emotional body so my emotional body could evolve more. I felt loved and supported and LOVED my roommates. I forgave myself and it goes beyond words I can write. Just do this program, if you are considering it.” -Sheri/Therapist/Energy Healer/AL

“I am leaving with so much more in all aspects that I could have imagined. I am so filled with love, joy, and strength. This program was life changing!” -Sarah/CAC/NM

“Words can be limiting to describe the fullness of the Angel Farms experience. I feel like I have a buoyancy of Spirit and a clarity of vision. I feel purged of years of havoc to my organ systems from lower emotions, limiting beliefs, non-truths. Finally, I have both the knowledge and the capacity to appropriately nourish myself and receive the nourishment on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual basis. I am filled with gratitude, joy, abundance, and most importantly LOVE! As well as a greater capacity/dedication to live as LOVE, enjoying the beauty, grace, and magnitude of our beautiful planet/universe/cosmos.”  -Lana/Psychologist, Acupuncturist/MN

“I came to Angel Farms to heal from breast cancer. While I was there, I released so much emotional baggage that was holding me back. I broke down the walls and opened space for my healing journey. I am walking away with a sense of Peace I have never felt in my life. I now live each day with joy. I am lighter and so ready for the rest of my journey. There’s nothing else holding me back. I feel like this was a rebirth.”  -Colby/Birth Doula/CA

“I feel renewed and revitalized mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It was such a beautiful experience witnessing my mom’s journey and transformation as well. I feel so much cleaner both inside and out. All of the grief that felt so suffocating has lifted and shifted to a deep sense of gratitude. Fear has been replaced with Love and my cup feels full again. Many mahalos.” -Carrie/Business Consultant /CA

“I feel happier, healthier, and I know God walks with me, breathes in me, and whispers His guidance to me. Please come and enjoy this heavenly place. You will be greeted with love and lots of angels to help you enjoy your stay.”  -Neera/Retired/AZ

“Physical: cleared liver, moved 1/4 cup of metals. Got rid of arterial plaque, pancreas began working again, energy-testing of some food intolerances and allergies shows progress/ restoration, back pain/spasms so much better, stopped THC/CBD at night after years of use and they weren’t even helping that much. Slept on my back without spasms for the past two nights. I’ve not been able to sleep on my back for 7 years! Hair getting darker, eyebrow hair growing back, skin much smoother. Feelings of well-being. 25-1/2 year headache has lessened and at moments, I felt it was gone. 
Emotional: Had hit bottom again last May with back pain totally penetrating sleep no matter what I layered together (Natural pain relievers, natural anti-inflammatories, dozens of appointments, 24-72 back injections, chiropractors, acupuncture, and many other healing modalities.)  At home I used escalar, infrared, epsom salt baths, moxa, essential oils, THC/CBD patches, etc. I layered as many things as possible each night and still couldn’t sleep due to the pain waking me every few hours. I can only sleep on my right side and that was imperfect to say the least. I thought I might not want to live anymore or that I would die within two years. Back pain management had become a full-time job.
The food intolerances/allergies and Mast Cell Activation disorder are the other bane of my existence and eating has been like walking through a minefield. It was getting harder and harder to eat and I was getting more depressed about it.  The racing heart caused by MCAS if I ate the wrong thing by accident, it would last between 6-8 hours, so I began eating only between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. so I wouldn’t make a mistake at dinner which would cause me to stay awake all night. My life was getting pretty small and sad though no one knew. Fake it till you make it has been my motto for 25 years.
There is no other place in the world that can reset health problems more fully and quickly than Angel Farms. I know. I’ve been around the world as a medical tourist looking for answers.” -Alixandra/Retired/CA

“Angel Farms is located on the most beautiful, lush, colorful property bordered by a waterfall and river. The cottages are near them and the sounds of rushing water and the visual sets the stage for an amazing colon hydrotherapy healing experience. The program is easy and comfortable and is supported by educational presentations and is amazing. All the people in our group have benefited from this program greatly — friendships made and their countenance has changed. Cindy is the heart of everything here. We felt love and empowered. Smiles were on everyone’s face when we said our goodbyes. This is a unique opportunity to improve the quality of your health.”  -Allison/Retired/CA

“Skin cleared up almost completely. Facial lines lessened enormously (about 90%).  Experiencing about 200% more joy. My body feels lighter. My back is much straighter and my pelvis (which was lopsided with my right hip higher than the left and a lot of scoliosis). Less back pain. The Cleansing program at Angel Farms is a complete transformation, addressing the physical, mind, and spirit, as well as Cindy’s clear teachings.”  -Sue/Poet, writer, artist, energy medical practitioner/WV

“You may think it’s about detoxing. It’s not! It’s about transformation!”  Ankit/Physician/AZ

“Losing nerve damage from rat lung disease. I thought I would have it for the rest of my life. Dropping CBD pain meds, hair getting darker, more limber. Learning how to be more positive, loving and not so angry. Hopefully my heart is open to everyone. Am less stressed. I am taking care of myself first. I feel more spiritual — wanting to be in nature and meditate. At Angel Farms, you will find love, health, and happiness. Whatever is bothering you will be healed either in body, soul, or psyche.” -Suzy/Artist/HI 

“I am more than amazed- what I’ve seen and learned about the body. I’ve learned how the body’s organs are related to each other. I did not know how important drinking enough water was to the body and health. Try the Cleansing program at Angel Farms. You’ll like it. You will learn so much about how the body functions.” -Rob/Real Estate Business Builder/AZ 

“Getting the pocket gunk out was huge! I can feel the space that opened up. I felt calm after it left my body. Physically: better energy.  Emotionally: the space and the opportunity for my husband and I to shift how we relate/redefine our time and activities together is amazing. Such relief. Peace. Shoulders and neck are not tight and stiff anymore. If you feel the pull, the Cleansing program at Angel Farms is the right thing for you to do.” -Jennifer/Retired Life Coach, Counselor/AZ

“In a nutshell, I feel lighter – Mind – Body – Spirit. My mind is calmer with less desire to do-do-do. I have fewer wrinkles and a clearer complexion. I am much more present. I have a renewed sense of spirit.  You have absolutely nothing to lose, yet everything to gain. Invest in yourselves. At Angel Farms, you will be treated like family the second you walk in the door.” -Kristin/Clean Energy Specialists/CO

“Less fear, more calm, more peace. I am a clear vessel. The program at Angel Farms is the best thing you will ever do.”  -Abraham/Executive/HI 

“Spiritually, I was reminded of who I really am; realizing I can get back there and feeling clear with more energy. I have always been a loving soul, but I got side-tracked for a bit. Emotionally, I spent time reconnecting with the love I have for myself, which really needed to be done.  Physically, my body feels so much better. I feel I can get back to my agile athletic self. My knee has been swollen for two months causing me to really slow down. I noticed improvement the first day. I am walking really well now, but it’s not completely healed yet. But I still have a massage, acupuncture, and chiropractor sessions before I go. It will continue to heal. I’m extremely grateful that I committed to coming to Angel Farms, and feel everyone should take time for this Cleanse and learn how to really love your body.” — Jill, Designer, HI

“I came at the end of a cold with this deep cough – mucus in my lungs. After the Liver Cleanse, my lungs feel light! Clean air. My friend said my voice sounds more open. Eyes are whiter. Overall, I feel really light and free not having all of that old junk and worms in my body. I feel surrounded and open to life, at peace, excited to take my new body for a test drive! I feel more confident and clear.” — Colleen, Artist, CA

“My body feels lighter. My gray hair is growing darker. I have more color in my nails.”  — Prageet, Meditation Teacher, CA

“I think it is going to take a little while to restore my energy. I was pretty depleted when I came.  With a little more rest and nourishment I know I will be stronger. I am feeling excited about my future. My joy has come back. I feel at peace with everyone and choose to live my life with love.  The glow in my skin came back. I am so grateful to have all of that stuff out of my colon and digestive system. I know that I will be able to absorb the nutrients from my food now. Thank you Cindy for having this healing place for people. It truly is a miracle! I think I will notice more changes within the next couple of weeks.”  — Chandra, Building Permit Consultant, HI

“A total transformation. I am without anxiety for the first time EVER!!!” — Meghan, Caregiver, Canada

“I feel better, brighter, more centered, more balanced, grateful, and more attuned to my body. I have my faith in my body back. My spiritual focus is stronger. You have to do it! It will save your Life!” — Sue, Program Manager, CA

“Wow!! I feel extremely light and my body is able to do yoga far more effortlessly. My skin is glowing and I feel a reset of my consciousness. Rebirth energy 1007.” — Julieanne, Meditation Teacher, CA

“Physically, I had mucus that caused irritation and a cough that stopped. Cleansed my colon and liver. Became clear of the anger that I used to have and released it. Had clarity of some patterns. I claimed to incarnate fully and create a beautiful body 100%. I am energized, vitalized, and nurtured.”  — Dayanand, Spiritual Teacher,  CO

“No more brain fog. I feel more clear. I love myself more from spiritual teachings. I lost close to 10 lbs. I have more energy during the day. My burn skin scars improved. I breathe better. I sleep more. I feel lighter. I concentrate better. I have less cravings for sugar. I feel my taste buds have changed. From cleansing, my liver and kidneys are more supported. I have less constipation.” — Lida, CA

“Generally, I have never felt lighter in my abdomen. I’ve always felt uneasy in my stomach due to stress and poor diet. The education received, coupled with the physical transformation has had a lasting affect on my health habits moving forward! Treat yourself! Care for yourself!” — Sina, AD, CA

“I am so grateful to have had this cleansing. My guts were holding a bunch of junk. I feel lighter and Lovelier.” — Evan, Teacher, HI

“This Cleanse is the liberation I always wanted to experience. Experiencing each day, cleaning the negativity from each organ, and the emotional aspects were treated as well. I felt like someone was massaging my heart. I can feel love through my seven chakras. Pure bliss — internal and external. Angel Farms is the most empowering place to be for the safest emotional transformation, and the nicest journey towards yourself to finally see who you really are. A beautiful and perfect someone! Thank you so much!” — Lisa, Movie Director, Paris

“Physically and spiritually, I feel more internal space. I don’t have a grabbing on my right side as intensely. Emotionally, I am feeling sensitive and tender hearted. Angel Farms is a great 10-12 day experience to address gut issues and get balanced.” — Caitlin, Actress, CA

“This has been an inside out awakening.  Cindy, you are a wealth of knowledge and you are a light in this world.  The results have been amazing to date, and I am looking forward to completing this journey of restoring my health physically, mentally, and emotionally.  This has been amazing.  God bless you. This Cleanse can profoundly impact your life for the better.  It can be life saving and healing for a multitude of things!”  — Gregory, Financial Advisor, SC

“Oh man, this has been such a beautiful experience. I came because I heard  such good things, but this exceeded my expectations!   I got to slow down, breathe, lessen tension, reboot, recharge, get present, and more. Inflammation has lessened, my eyes have gotten more white, my skin is more clear, discolorations have gotten much better. My colon feels clearer. Feel like I can breathe better, the fibroid is smaller which is a huge win!” — Noel, Actress, W. Hollywood

“My whole being feels softer and gentler, and more fluid, as if I were the water that so beautifully cleansed me.  My thoughts and emotions float by peacefully without any sharp edges now.  I feel as if I could just float through my life now knowing everything is as it should be.  All love surrounds me.  Thank you Angel Farms.”  — Hannah, NM

“Physically, I came here with inflammation that caused a total loss of feelings in both my feet, a swollen stomach, and bulging eyes.  Overall, causing sleep to be a luxury.  I have been sleep deprived for two years. My experience here has been amazing.  My skin color, eyes, and a spiritual healing of peace and love have all improved. My feet have no nerve pain and feels cooler with some sensations I haven’t felt for a very long time.  Most importantly though, I had a breakthrough with my sleep.  I finally found, with Cindy’s help, that I can sleep by focusing on the present, body breathing.  Overall, I feel like a whole new person.”  John, Retired Chiropractor, AZ 

“Every day on the Board brought some level of miracle, movement, and/or clarity. It feels like I have so much space to move my body. I feel lighter. I can full belly breathe for the first time, and my heart space and mental and spiritual capacity feel infinite and open. I’ve released so much fear. I felt it physically leaving/draining from my body in various ways. This Cleanse was also a return to love for me and I’m beyond grateful.” Diana, Marketing, OR

“From the first day, the physical pain lessened.  There has been an enormous cleansing on all levels. I am staying in my heart when in the presence of people I disagree  with. I believe  that the Cleanse has extended my life; Cindy session has saved my life.”  Michele, Healer, CA

“Physically, I feel better overall, less aching, lighter, more connected. My gray hair has turned to its natural color, and my skin looks better. Emotionally, I feel more connected to my body. I also feel hopeful and peaceful about my body healing. I also feel more connected to humanity because of the people here at Angel Farms and Nature. Spiritually, I feel more connected to God through the people here and nature.” Tyler, Yoga/meditation teacher, TX 

“Angel Farms is the most transformational and holistic mind-body-spirit Cleanse I have ever experienced.  As my body shed the toxins and fears, I experienced a lightness of being that emanates from within.  I am more youthful.  I shed pounds of fat.  I have a healthy relationship with food.  My joints feel smooth and unencumbered.  I am vibrant with life.  Thank you Cindy, Amy, Kaliko, and Erin for a life-changing experience. (Coming with chronic pain it was awesome to hear her say, I don’t hurt anywhere, anymore.)”  Carol, Retired, WA

“This has been the biggest gift ever received in my life. I will never let fear, hate, anger, or any negative feelings take over my mind, body and spirit.  I only allow love and positive thoughts and patterns in my life. I will always remember that I am a 10! I will love myself unconditionally because I am a child of God and so is everyone else.  My liver and I are more in love than ever before and I promise I will always love and care for it like it has taken care of me all these many years, and the many years to come. I feel so excited for my new life and can’t wait to be a vessel of light and love to everyone else. Thank you Angel Farms for helping me be at my best loving self. You will always be my family and in my heart.” Jennifer, Hiking tour Guide, HI

This is my third Cleanse with Angel Farms and each time it gets better. This time was a clear improvement in my adrenals, arthritic hands, and my vision.  Besides feeling light, especially in my stomach area, I feel a strong sense of calm and big Love in my body.  My skin is smoother, my eyes are vibrant.  The staff are exceptional in their care and gentleness through the entire process.  It’s a beautiful experience inside and out!”  Janet, CO, Sales

“I feel like a big weight has been removed from my body, mind, and spirit.  I lost 15 pounds (gut stuff mostly!), my white hair is growing black roots, and my mucus level has come down greatly.  Bravo Cindy and the Team!”   
— Erik, CO, Retired/Business

“So far, physically, the bloat is going down.  The rest remains to be seen, as I continue to heal.  Emotionally, triggers came up, and I was able to see them in a new way.  Spiritually, I felt so held here that I was able to connect to the energy of the island in a deep way.  I experienced the Aloha, and it helped me to remember and embody who I really am.  My intention was to clear the physical blocks to channel a higher consciousness, and it appears that I cleared blocks on all levels.  I am looking forward to the experience of re-entry and integration.” 
— Stephanie, New York, Personal Trainer/health coach

“Wow.  I am so grateful for this magic.  What a transformation on every level!  Lots of workshops on this trip for me.”  — Mindy, New York, Banker

“Cleanse started three days before arrival/working!  Feeling much more space as  an arrow through me became focused.  Being in the power of Love, nonjudgmental.  Open for new possibilities.  Full of Light and Love and I am very vibrant.  Everyone needs 10 days at Angel Farms.  Thank you and very grateful to you, Cindy, and your team.”  — Ellen. CA, Pilates Instructor

“This Cleanse has felt life changing.  I came in wanting to address digestive issues, but most importantly to clear out my vessel so I may connect with God inside myself in a clearer and deeper way.  Each day I felt God showing me thoughts, judgments, mental chatter, fears, and past memories that were blocking our connection.  Through prayer and this Cleanse, I felt so much baggage drop away.  Thank you!”  — Lorrie, HI, Artist/Mom

“I feel cleaner all around.  I have gone through huge emotional shifts throughout this process and now feel incredibly strong and able to clear them quickly with Love and return to joy.  Thank you Cindy and Angel Farms.  My skin is clearing and I feel sure that it will clear completely and stay glowing forever.”  — Benna, New York, Yoga teacher/Writer/Creative Producer 

“Insomnia shifting.  Peace of mind returning.  Full embodiment underway.  Fractures integrating.”  —
Christine, HI, Healing Facilitator

“Physically, I feel clearer, cleaner, and more relaxed.  Emotionally, I feel more stable with more Love, peace, balance, and ease.  Spiritually, I am more aligned with the Truth.”  — Maxwell, HI, Nurse

“A new sense of clarity and power in my solar plexus, more intense sense of taste, improvement in eyesight.” 
— Meghan, New York, Artist

“This is my third visit to Angel Farms.  I came this time needing not only a Cleanse, but a restart into the Angel lifestyle.  Surrounded by the beauty, love, and power of Cindy’s work, I have had massive cleansing results and an injection of pure Love and transformation.  Thank you to the entire Angel staff who are part of the magic!  Erin, who made us with Love our nourishing food signature soups of the day, Amy, and Kalko, our loving techs, who made sure we were all ok.  Anthony who kept everything at the house running smoothly.” 
— Joan, New York, Massage Therapist

“I felt liberated and transmuted. So much moved, physically and emotionally. So many shifts. So much clarity. I became a clear vessel. I am forever grateful for this journey and the magical humans I got to connect with. It is the best gift you can give yourself. It is pure self LOVE.” — Tess, California

“I Feel Good. All mental, emotional, and physical health starts with a Cleanse. This is the best. It is the foundation from which you can build.” — Kevin, Illinois 

“I feel LIGHTER!!! Happy and loving. Life changing.” — Paris, California

“It just feels good and right to Cleanse the body of all the visitors living in my body that are not serving me. I believe I feel clearer in mind. I am grateful for the experience and opportunity to respect my body, my temple, and my creator by engaging in this program at Angel Farms.” — Ron, Washington

“I came back home for an Overhaul and successfully released huge gallstones! I figured out the source of my debilitating migraines. Super Mad Anger that I swept under the rug! I am able to eat food and feel good now. I will continue to unconditionally love and know that everything is working out perfectly. This beautiful, delicious Cleanse truly awakened me as an Angel incarnate. I felt the veil of separation lift. Thank you Angel Farms for what you provide here, a sacred healing space for us all to remember.” Brittany, California

“I have total confidence that as long as I have myself and I know who I really am, absolutely everything in my life going forward is and will be absolutely good and perfect. I’m not afraid anymore. Where I am God/Love is. Where I am, Infinity. If I get off balance, I can immediately reset. I’m 59 and 10 days ago I arrived at Angel Farms with two kinds of daily headaches, prescriptions for two types of antidepressants, a sleep apnea diagnosis, 20 pounds overweight  and a whole heap of confusion and uncertainty about who I am and what I am meant to do. Today, both headaches are gone, I’m easily taking myself off antidepressants (without brain side effects), I feel happy and energetic in the morning, I have lost weight, and most importantly, I absolutely KNOW who I am and why I’m here.  A lifelong battle with shame; regret is GONE. When you are ready to do the work to understand and heal, come here. If you suffer from chronic pain, emotional distress – depression, anxiety, shame – and feel confused about who you are or why you’re here, come here. The people of Angel Farms will LOVE you back to your true, beautiful, healthy self.” — Annie M, North Carolina

“This actually is my third Cleanse, the layers that have been released over the past four years since I’ve come here initially are nothing short of miraculous. My life has Drastically Changed. This Cleanse was about releasing the past. Every single time I’ve come, I don’t think I particularly NEED to be here. Life is going well. And yet, the upleveling has been off the charts (and what has come out of me is quite unfathomable). This time, I passed a kink so tight, it must have been blocking my system. I believe it may help explain the INSANE blockages that were released. I cannot think of anything else in the WORLD that would have been able to identify and rectify this, so naturally, gently and holistically. I wish everyone could have this opportunity to investigate what’s going on, on a deeper level. The falling away, layer upon layer – emotionally, physically and spiritually – IS an absolute miracle. I originally heard of Angel Farm from a very young woman on her journey to heal breast cancer. I believe she is in her late twenties. She had gone around the world in her path of healing, looking for what could help. She said, “the best thing I have ever done is go to Angel Farms.” When I asked what she did/learned there, she said, “well, I am either going to get this Self Love thing, or not.” I didn’t fully understand at the time. I CERTAINLY do now. MASSIVE releases and layers upon layers, falling away. I truly believe Angel Farms has saved my life (you would think so too, if you saw what has came out!) I have so much gratitude for the Beautiful, Exquisite Goddess of a woman who shared this with me. She will always be a very special Angel in my life. Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo ke Akua.”  — ~ Kirsten, Oahu

“Being an Angel Farms has been a journey like no other I’ve ever experienced. Clearly “Spirit” brought me here for a reason. The physical healing that I have experienced here is equal in magnitude to the spiritual healing. I feel Such deep gratitude for the beautiful BIG souls who grace this place. The love and integrity that I have witnessed from the staff is unparalleled. I feel deeply blessed to have walked this path with the others who came here to clear their vessels. My body is literally resonating at a different frequency. My voice is resonating with a clarity that I have not experienced in a long while. My toenails are clearing candida for the first time since I was 10 years old. My skin is so clear. I haven’t experienced physical anxiety or fear in my gut since I first cleansed here. I feel like I have a new lease on life.” — Lira, New York

“Angel Farms exceeds my expectations and is truly a lifestyle changing experience. My skin is so soft, I keep touching myself with love and appreciation for this miraculous embodiment. My faith is renewed and my commitment to drink a gallon of water and to love love love is strong. I am filled with gratitude for all the teachings and healings. My eyes are clear, my heart is clear. Forgiveness of myself and others is understood like never before — as is nothing to forgive. I will walk with love for myself and others into a new future. Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo.” — Heather, Nevada

“I’m lighter, see, smell, touch better and with more Acuity. Skin is more pliable and clear. Hand grips are stronger. I FEEL drastically better and in more peace. HAPPIER!” — Tony, California

“I Feel peace, ease, and flow thoroughly through my system. Making different choices in the day and seeing the world differently.” — Suzen, Oahu

I went to my Dr this week and all my blood work came back normal to great, including my cholesterol which as always been high.  Especially my liver, Doc. said it got better by 30%! This is compared to my labs done in March.  My liver wasn’t bad but the number are closer to optimal now.  Doc. even looked at my old results, and jumped back and immediately said, “what the heck!! How did you do that?”  I am so stoked!  I told her Angel Farms of course!! I couldn’t have done it shout you guys!! Love you Guys!! — Elmer, HI

I have woken up with low back pain for months – not anymore. I am not thinking about or noticing the types of foods I eat,  with no symptoms of disease. I feel so much lighter, taller, clearer, aligned in all ways. This has been an initiation and a rebirth experience for me, to begin the rest of my life with God / Spirit / Love guarding me. I  have a sense of trust, a path to return to love. My eyes have changed color, my hair has darkened where it was gray, my skin de-wrinkled! I feel utterly beautiful, good, true and loving. It is my honor to walk this path. I am full of joy. A True feeling of inner Joy, smiling more than ever. I can remember the Incredible Gift of this life. I’m excited for what is to come. Angel Farms is a life-changing gift to give yourself. Totally worth it. I received much more than I could have imagined in the physical, emotional , mental and spiritual realms, an amazing opportunity! — Alexis, CA, Mentor

Feeling lighter and brighter. Released lots of worms and old hard things. Physically and emotionally feeling connected to love, to the Divine, with deep intimacy. I am so grateful! You can’t put a price on the healing power of deeply cleansing your body and your life. Angel Farms  will change your life forever. Do it! Cindy’s session was the surest homecoming to God. Soft and nurturing. — Elisa Rose, CA, Musician 

Rested, restored, and revived, and open to loving. Awake and aware. Prepare to be blessed. Cindy’s session was a well guided journey of forgiving and returning to my essence. — Bob, CA

I feel the shift, I trust the process, I believe in the transformative power of this program. Like all Medicine Journey’s you go to the Well of wisdom and integrate it into your walk. And so it shall be!  I can’t wait to check in at the rebirth 9 months from now!  Thank you 1- 2- 3 times! At Angel Farms you can be open to release, to receive true mind, body and spirit healing! — Nancy, Tennessee. 

My spiritual intention was  to reclaim my life and my health – to go through a rebirth. I just turned 63, the same age that my mother died. Physically, I felt at the edge of my very capacity what my body could tolerate due to my own Lack of self care. Having had breast cancer in 2018 I was afraid of a recurrence. After releasing  so much every day I am no longer afraid of that! I do feel reborn in a way I never imagined possible! I have received the gift of Life all over again. This opens a doorway now into making a myriad of lifestyle and habit changes. I could never have accomplished this on my own! The level of healing that I received here. I was not able to imagine that this could be possible! My gratitude is beyond measure. At Angel Farms I could relax into  my own healing and positive experience with the process, the level of care attentiveness, how much I learned, the nourishing soups, the beauty of the land, the feeling of home and family, and above all the difference this made in my health,and spirit. Larry’s session I loved. The energy work off my body in the quantum field was very powerful. — Niko, CA, Healing Arts practitioner.

The Cleanse at Angel Farms has been such a transformational journey from start to finish. Physically, I feel lighter, more purified and my organs feel more rejuvenated! Emotionally, I feel I’ve let go and worked through many emotional blockages and limiting fear based beliefs — Where now I feel more in my power and clearer about situations & my life path going forward. I feel like much more of a clearer vessel for my soul to move though. — Rosie, London

Angel Farms is amazing. Cindy & the team are exceptional. I came for preventative purposes as “an ounce of freedom is worth a pound of cure.” I feel amazing in body, mind, heart & soul. It was a great joy to witness the miracles occur in myself and in all those on the Cleanse with me. I am eternally grateful for the experience and I have already referred several of my loved ones. May all humans realize their full worth and divinity and the divine love that they are. May humanity Live in Love, wisdom, courage and peace. God Bless!” — Logan, CA

Many years of chronic pain gone! Sleep more rested, much improved. Stellar food & water absorption during the Cleanse. I got personally up close and intimate with past trauma, anger, blocks, constriction, parasites, restriction, as it all flowed out of me.
— Sarah, WA

Spiritual & emotionally deeper & transcendent. Physical: I had no idea how much my body needed this Cleanse. I eat & live healthy & connect to nature, walking barefoot on the land every day & all the time & yet on day 8 my cords were (thin) & long & Cindy shared with me constriction of my ileocecal and to visualize a 3” diameter so all could flow. I did that night, all through the night & talked to my body. The next morning (day 9) before my Cleanse,   I had a massage with Kahea & asked her help as she worked on that area. On the Cleanse, things from years & years & years ago (& so much of it!!!) passed through. I was blown away by what had been stuck and backed up. What came through included pockets of parasites, worms, all things that needed to no longer take up prime real estate in my beautiful temple. I immediately had a knowing pass though my being that my life had been saved by doing this Cleanse as I would have had a stroke or something else major / heart attack even though I thought I was so healthy and whole.  (Cindy watched Tam literally BLISS out.) — Tam, HI

It has truly been a blessing to be here. I feel alive for the first time in years. I am filled with lightness, joy and love. I have deep awareness and can really listen with the heart. I have been on a journey for self-rediscovery as the 8 years in NYC had made me forget the light being that I am. I now know myself better than ever and have deep gratitude for Angel Farms. I am still blown away by what I saw come out of me including parasites, mucus, blockages, fear, wax, sadness, stones, oil slicks and heavy metals. I have replaced it all with LOVE. Freedom is the best. — Ru, NY

My Angel Farms experience is above and beyond my wildest dreams. It has brought a whole new awareness to the importance of gut health for both physical as well as emotional well being. Personally, the message that has been trying to come through for years finally happened — let go & let love be our guide. I get it from the core of my being. I am love, loved, loving and that is an amazing feeling. It feels so good to rid myself of the physical and emotional poop! I finally owned my motherhood and that too has set me free! — Rachil, CA

Physically, I was not in great shape before I came here as an athlete. Now my energy is way up! And my body did not get tired in my workouts during the Cleanse. Emotionally, I am more calm and collected,  less reactive, more concerned about positive outcomes. More present. Spiritually, I am much more in tune with the Creator and feeling the Love! — Andreas, NY

On the first day here, I said that my intention in being here was to achieve a better balance between my mind and my heart. I’m happy to say that I’ve received that miracle here and SO MUCH MORE! Before coming I suffered from spouts of depression and it was hard to find things that made me happy, so I learned to not prioritize my own happiness & instead go all in with trying to “fix the world” through my activism. I was highly judgmental of people for their “incorrect behaviors” and I was my own worst critic. After going through the Cleanse, I literally feel reborn. I’m excited to step into the world as an “activist of Love” as Cindy would say 🙂 I’ve been so inspired by the love of everyone on the Angel Farms team, especially my Mama Cindy who took extra special care to show me the path to unconditional love. THANK YOU to my Angel Farms family!!!!! <3 — Olivia, NY

I feel like a 10! Even more than a 10! I am so lively & excited to be here on this planet at such an opportune time! I spiritually feel clear & joyful. Very grateful for all you do! — Courtney, 22-AZ

I feel lighter (all over). Emotional: clearer, loving & happy. Spiritual health: aligned & clear.
One of the best gifts one can give to one’s self. An opportunity to open, clear, clean and ground the important attributes in ourselves, “to Love! For the First time I really Love myself. — Kerrin, AZ

“I feel like “my table” has four beautiful mighty legs.  Mental, Physical, emotional, and spiritual have been rebooted. After 40 years of conscious living, the Angel Farms community has been the most powerful, enjoyable, and effective life changing experience. — Robert-Sustainable Builder, OR

The main thing that I received is the key that I needed to unlock the secret of my body/mind/heart/ and spirit connection, as a constant choice to pull myself into the present moment. Amy is kind, compassionate, organized, efficient, responsive, and gentle. Beverly- wow! What a goddess.  This was my highlight.  The connection to her craft as the wise crown-woman.  The physical, emotional, and spiritual healing at Angel Farms is unmeasurable. — Heather-artist- Austraila 

Pepper is soooo wonderful, cheerful, positive, and a gem.  Thanks for preparing all of the delicious food! Kaliko is such a sweet soul and very supportive.  Helped me so much on hot/cold day!! Love you, brother! — Jens-OR

It was the deepest experience on all levels.  I have lost my pain, my brain became clear, and my joy is coming back.  Kahea’s lomi lomi was amazing.  She found the right points and gave all of her love to me.  It brought me back to my energy.  Love you, Kahea. — Tanja-Healer-Germany

My session with Larry was wonderful.  He sat down and spoke with me beforehand, ensuring that I can feel safe and comfortable.  Creating space for questions, concerns, and simply anything.  I felt truly loved and nurtured. My experience in Cindy’s session was unlike anything I had ever tried before.  Cindy was present with me the entire time, as my journey back brought up many deep feelings and revelations.  It was so powerful and meaningful to me-wow! Kaliko is the best!  Right from the beginning he made it clear there was to be no shame- and he meant it!  I was comfortable and felt safe in my humanness. — Jamie- Angel-NY 

Angel Farms Cleanse, every human being should have access to.  A very deepening and effective Cleanse. Amy was very helpful and easy going with generous guidance, and support. — Nicole

Physically, I feel I have a clean vessel and the ability to keep my body healthy.  Emotionally, I feel so calm. Kahea-OMG- She is so great.  I loved her at the last Cleanse 3 years ago and we were hoping she would be here again.  I was  so excited when we saw her. — Marlys-architech-OR

Physically: wider range of motion, renewed abilities to walk, talk, and function overall.  Emotional:  Rekindled sense of humor, feeling more safe and trusting, reducing panic, more easy going.  Spiritual:  More turned on to love. — Billy 

I recommend Angel Farms for anyone who wants to live a JOYFUL, LOVING, PROSPEROUS, ABUNDANT, INSPIRED LIFE.  I am a ray of sunshine from the inside out!  I will forever be grateful to the dear friend who sent me here and the Cindy, Larry, and the whole team at Angel Farms. — Rene Healer Ca

I am, let go.  I am not that story.
I am a new open story full of potential and anything is possible. — Severine Earth Momma

I feel like a completely different person!  My colon is clean and clear and I now know how important that is for my health.  My heart if full from Cindy’s teachings and example, and from ALL THE LOVE offered from each and every person on the treatment at Angel Farms.  I now know my purpose is to love and that is what I plan on doing for the rest of my life:  loving unconditionally, everyone at all times.  Thank you Cindy and entire team at Angel Farms. My experience with Cindy was life changing, a great gift and blessing.  Never to be forgotten and profound. — Hillary 

I’m standing taller and walking more secure.  My skin seems to be smoother and less wrinkly.  It has been wonderful to connect with God and to feel his love again.  There is nothing like Angel Farms until you have experienced it for yourself. — Lorrie  

This journey is and has been one of the most rewarding, self-loving things I’ve ever done for myself, and I will do it again!  Physically, my ailments are gone and my hormones balanced naturally-after years of hormone therapy.  Emotionally I feel like I got more from Cindy than 25 years of therapy, healers, and self-help.  She is clear and to the point, which makes it applicable and makes sense-which equals freedom!  Spiritually, I feel more “home” than ever, with true love, connection, trust, and faith.  Coming to Angel Farms was the best decision I’ve made for my health and happiness.  Kahea is super gifted, magical hands, and big heart.  You feel her love and kindness. — Carolyn Manager CA

I feel stronger.  My skin has healed after years of chronic problems. Amazing!  I’m more present in the now and correct my brain when it try’s to take me away from that.  I feel more centered and grounded and learned self-love again.  I am feeling connected to God/source and my guides and family.  I know I am love and strong beyond measure.  Pepper- OMG!  I am packing her in my suitcase (along with the cat, Lily) and she is coming home with me.  I adore her.  Kahea is a GEM!  Authentic lomi-lomi passed on for generations.  She was mind-blowing.  Loved the song and prayer as well. — C.J. Ca.

Cindy’s session was very deep.  I connected with the pain of being separated from God, from my own God.  I felt reborn.  It brought forth a much more loving mother in me, towards my own “inner child.” Amy is such a love and delight to be around.  I felt really listened to, as she took my concerns and needs seriously.  I so appreciated her joyful presence.  — Shoshana Ca.

I released so many worms and parasites.  I feel very excited to see what life will be like without them!  I feel mentally and emotionally lighter with the knowing that LOVING is my purpose.  Also I feel transformed by the healing session with Cindy.  I love knowing how large my team of angelic, divine guides really is.  I feel very grateful! — Elisa musician CA

The right word is “transformational” for me.  It’s early – days and times will tell.  I arrived with pretty severe IBS, with perpetual diarrhea, gas and gurgling in my stomach if I ate rice, potatoes and even beans.  So had been on mostly green soups with miso, chicken bone broth, chicken, fish, and not much else.  Even so, the diarrhea continued.  From the 1st day after the first Cleanse, I could have small amounts of rice and quinoa with no problem.  The gurgling ceased, and as the process unfolded and huge amounts of pockets, ropes, some parasite, and some worms came out, I felt relief.  I even had a small amount of Chef Pepper’s chocolate pudding with some organic sugar with seemingly no problems.  I am excited to continue the healing journey that Cindy and staff have created with beautiful supplements,  diet suggestions and support.  Thank you Angels!  —Maggie, Marriage & Family Therapist, CA

Small worms and nest, huge worms light and dark, parasites “hangers” pockets, mucus. OLD S.H.I.T.  Literally ropes, liver stones, liver flukes.  Immense amount of old feelings of anger, shame, grief, guilt, rage, sorrow released, released, released.  Immense forgiveness of myself and others.  Light, water and being-ness to walk my path.  Feel deep reverence to be In love and service and gratitude to the many and the Earth and all inhabitants. — Kirsten, Coach, HI 

Super transformative at the emotional and spiritual levels. It makes such a huge difference to do this type of healing in an environment where you feel loved, accepted and seen for who you really are.  This program has allowed me to find my heart space again.  It made me realize the depth of my body and soul and how I have to let go of control/tension.  I’m looking forward to continue the impact at the physical level.  So grateful to flush out all that I’ve been carrying. — Adrienne, Spa Coordinator, NY 

WOW! I am truly finally feeling free in my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies after searching many, many years.  I am no longer in fear, stuck, lost, feeling like I don’t belong or unworthy. I can now say and believe I love myself a 10!  I now can own anything I create because I know I choose all of my journeys, hardships, pain, struggles, and being born in hell for this is what my little precious anger girl chose and how she is choosing heaven on earth – to walk, talk, live, and love like a master – I am answering the call! —  Addy, Caregjver, CA 

Intestinal track pain gone.  Toenail fungus clearing up.  Parasites out.  Feeling a lot more love for everyone and gratitude. — Eric, Retired, CA 

I feel lighter. Headaches gone!  I’ve got blockages, liver stones, and parasites out.  My skin is smoother.  My fear is less and I love myself more than anyone.  Feeling safe. — Luvim, Housewife, CA  

My energy level is higher; my skin tone is radiant; my face and eyes are not puffy. I feel lighter physically and emotionally.  I told my mom for the first time ever I am glad I chose her to be my mom on her 60th birthday! What a gift! I feel peaceful and excited for what’s to come. — Tabitha, public adjuster, FL

Physical Being has improved 100%.  My emotional being, OMG has improved 100% also and my spiritual health is amazing now and I feel grounded and whole again.  And Angel Farms has given me a new life in every way – spiritually, physically, emotionally.  I can’t be more pleased with my decision to come here.  The staff here at Angel Farms is the most amazing – kind and helpful, and informative about their job and health.  I just love Cindy and her husband, Larry.  Both of them changed my life and have shown me how to live.  I wish the whole world would know about Angel Farms.  — Michael, Carpenter, HI 

I came here with a stiff 76 year old body. Now,  I cannot remember when any time I felt so good in YEARS.  I am impressed with the care and the learning I heard here. I can’t remember when last I felt like this in YEARS.  The Cleansers and order is just wonderful.  I am very joyful to have come to Angel Farms.  —Joe, Farmer, HI  

My physical health has transformed.  I feel and look years younger.  Someone took my picture and I didn’t even recognize myself. With the worms and other obstructions gone from my colon, I am looking forward to returning home to finally be able to put on weight and muscles because worms are not eating my food.  Emotionally and spiritually I’ve come to experience how my negative thoughts and feelings have dramatically harmed my health and how important it is for me to pursue a new spiritual path.  — Stephan, Attorney, CA 

When  I came I was dealing with exhaustion, fuzzy thinking, swollen lymph nodes, and candidas.  I’ve experienced a radical transformation.  I lost nine pounds, my energy is back, my thinking clear, I’ve been clearing things through all parts of my body. But the general sickness I was feeling is gone!  The frenetic energy is leaving.  I feel more grounded, focused, able to be in my own energy body and not get yanked around by other’s desires.  — Leah, Writer, CA 

Huge improvement.  Feel more balanced, calm, and ready to deal with the “turbulence or noice out there”.  These days have certainly been transformational and my intent is to take that with me for the rest of my days.  This has also improved my wife and I’s relationship.  I’m lighter. — Tony

I feel lighter, energetic, and excited to go forth and embrace with joy the rest of my life.  I feel less guarded, more open, softer.  I love to laugh and I am laughing more.  My aura feels bigger and more expansive.  I am love.  I feel love.  I want to share that with those around me. I felt incredibly safe with both Amy and Kaliko. Pepper- Right on time everyday.  I loved seeing Pepper pop through the door with her ingredients for the days.  Kitchen is the heart of the home and she that place.  I felt so nurtured and felt love with every bite.. (slurp:)) — Sharon

Much at peace and stronger knowing of what is best and true for me.  I gave up anti depressants and diet soda.  A gift! — Julie

***18 years old- NOW FREE OF LUNG CANCER” — Chase-Arizona

I have no fear or pain in my heart.  Cindy you have taught me to love myself again and I thank you.  I can express my true love.  This will be a new journey of health and happiness. — Patricia-HI 

My body is at ease, my emotions are in balance, and my spirit is back on path. — Kaliko Jr.-HI

I feel strong again.  The Cleanse is more than just cleansing the colon.  Cindy’s positive way of speaking to people is really heard.  I love how Cindy reminds us to stay in the moment.  What happens here cannot be explained. — Mary 

The 10 days here is just the beginning of the healing. Emotionally, I feel so much better than before.  The love of my co-participants made my experience  wonderful.  My spirit has lifted and I AM LOVE! — Susan 

This is a very worthwhile and transformative experience- not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Amy is so sweet, attentive, and considerate.  So welcoming and makes me feel so at home. Kaliko is the Hawaiian energy incarnate.  Powerful and gentle, wise, with that undercurrent of levity.  Kaliko always makes me smile, brother. — Steve-Atty-CA 

My skin is the most apparent shift, immediate healing and glow.  Eczema healing and wrinkles lifting.  I’m able to introduce foods that I have no eaten in years.  I have no gut discomfort or fatigue.  Letting go of long held fears, memories, secrets and grief.  I can move forward with love.  I can see LOVE in others and not judge or criticize.  I have also cleared a lot of negative association with the word God.  What a gift you have all been.  Oh sweet Larry.  What a gentle nurturer.  A down to earth, great listener, who really makes people feel comfortable. Jorgina has great mom energy.  Very nurturing, no nonsense and kind.  I enjoyed her session. Kahea, the goddess!  I love the ceremony of her session.  I felt like I was tapping into some ancient tradition and she was excellent.  Ideal pressure, very professional, and really thorough. — Becki-Nursing mom-OK

It was great to get the worms out!  Who knows how long it’s been in there.  I feel less attached to outcomes and more peaceful.  I really appreciated the constant reminder that were are love and we are here to love.  It’s been great to integrate that more deeply into my being.  I’m hopeful that my physical health will return to 100% with some integration. I enjoyed scrambled eggs and pesto and Amy’s refried beans. — Tim

Replacing the word God with Love was key for me.  It opened me up to accept God/love into my life and clear old baggage.  Hearing that we are all spiritual beings or God beings, give  permission for a spirituality and knowledge I already had.  An “Oh Yes”, that’s what I remember.  A direct connection to source, nature, love. — Raasaleela

I feel more vibrant and alive. In THIS moment, I have great hope.  The baseline of my health in all ways feels improved.  I’m having fun.  Aware of awareness. I loved my session with Larry.  Cooled my energy and left me balanced.  THANKS.  I’m going to work on adding orally ingested cannabis to my medication as we considered.  Angel Farms is very warm and nurturing.  I felt safe and supported. — Bob-CA.

Magnified sense of possibility.  Shedding of many self-loathing beliefs.  Lightness of being, a deep understanding and consequent compassion as KNOWING WE ARE ALL ONE.  ALL OF US.  Enhanced receptivity and willingness to receive life fully.  Dark hair growing, liver spots very diminished, less circles under eyes, better skin texture with less wrinkles.  Renewed appreciation for simplicity.  Joyous acceptance of many foods as nourishing.  FREEDOM.  Most complete life enhancing program I have ever done.  Complete rebuilding of all systems from the inside out.  — Adriana-Jewelry Artist-CA

This was my second Cleanse at Angel Farms and it was incredible.  Cindy and the crew are the best.  I am so grateful to let go of so many liver and gallbladder stones.  I am obsessed with this cleansing program! — Omni Love-HI

I’m a new person! My mind is new, my body is new, and my insides are new.  A+ A+ A+ —Marina-CA

I just finished my Cleanse at Angel Farms.  My life has completely changed in only 10 days!  As a matter of fact, this morning, on the phone, my 10-year-old daughter said, “I like this new mommy and I can’t wait to meet her!”  That is the best gift at all! My health has improved.  My energy level is through the roof despite being once told that my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis would be with me for the rest of my life!   My chronic neck and back pain don’t hurt anymore. I don’t remember the last time my neck and back did not hurt.   I told my momma for the first time in 60 years that I am glad I chose her all those years ago.  I am looking forward to the miracles that are still to come as a result of all of the lessons I learned while doing the Cleanse.  Not only have I seen vast improvements, but I have witnessed incredible changes in my housemates.  Lower blood pressure, increased energy, change in skin tone, lighter and more gracious attitudes, and the list goes on and on.  I know that I am now part of a special family of folks who have been enlightened to live their best lives and consequently help many others in this world. I told my husband that this is one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life.  It truly is an investment in yourself.  I know that this program would not have been able to survive 30 years without people genuinely experiencing love and miracles. I stand behind Cindy and Larry and the life-changing opportunity they offer to the world. — Tabitha B. Florida  

I came to Angel Farms with no hope.  I wanted to die.  There is light at the end of the tunnel. Me. Come find yourself at Angel Farms. — Adam-Business owner-OK

A 10!!! Angel FArms, in all aspects-what can I say- SPEECHLESS! Beverly- AMAZING.  Sent me to the “Ozone.” Amy- A beautiful gem-of-a-person.  I love her. Kaliko- Spiritual, thorough, amazing.  I love Kaliko. — Chip-AZ.

The spiritual, emotional, and physical journey has been life changing.  I wish I had $100,000 so I can send 20 friends, because everyone needs Angel Farms!  No matter what age, how healthy you are or not, this experience for the mind, body, and soul will change your life for the better in so many ways. Kaliko is a gift from the Gods.  Such a kind, gentle, and wise soul.  He also clearly loves his work and is doing the work of the Gods and Angels.  We are so lucky to have him. Pepper is one of a kind.  Her whole approach to loving the food, knowing its healing properties and putting her heart and soul into healing us during our cleanse.  She is wonderful and her food is so yummy and nourishing.  Jorgina is so involved in her work, it’s awesome!  You can tell she channels energy and spirits with such fantastic intensity and clarity.  She is amazing and so comforting to be around. Lilia’s massage was great.  It rained a lightly during my massage and it made it even more special and fantastic. — Danielle-CA 

I told my mom for the first time ever, I am glad I chose her to be my mom- on her 60th birthday!  I feel peaceful and excited for what’s to come. Wow!  Lilia is a powerhouse.  One of the deepest (if not THE) best massage I have ever received. The tomato soup was my favorite.  And Pepper’s special smoothies. — Tabitha

Cindy saved my life and showed me how to live calm and healthfully.  I owe her everything.  She is the most caring, informative, smartest woman who I have been blessed to know. This is the best thing you could ever do for yourself.  It put 20 years on my life. — Michael-Hi

My fear is less and I love myself more than anyone.  I feel safe. — Luvim-CA

I can’t think of anyone this wouldn’t help.  Intestinal track pain gone!  Toenail fungus clearing up!  Parasites out!  Feeling a lot more love for everyone and gratitude. — Eric-CA 

I can now say and believe I love myself a 10!  I now can own anything I create because I know I choose all of my journeys, hardships, pain, struggles, and being born in hell, for this is what my little precious Angel girl chose.  And now she is choosing heaven on earth-to walk, talk, live, and love like a master.  I am answering the call! Amy you are so amazing, caring, helpful, and giving.  I appreciate your love and service to help me become healthy, happy, and free!  You have a beautiful smile! Beverly- Oh my, the hands of an angel have blessed thy feet!  I felt so much love, care, and wisdom.  You are so amazing and spot on in the care you blessed my being with.  Wow! Chef Pepper I was a little concerned about how and what the meals would look and taste like.  But your soups, desserts, and whatever you were making-I was eating.  Exquisite! — Addy

It makes such a huge difference to do this type f healing in an environment where you feel loved, accepted, and seen for who you really are.  This program allowed me to find my heart space again.  So grateful to flush out all that I’ve been carrying. — Adrienne-CA.  

I arrived with pretty severe IBS, not able to eat many foods.  From the first day of the cleanse and beyond, I was able to have small amounts of rice and quinoa with seemingly no problems!  As days progressed, my discomfort ceased and I continued to feel huge relief.  I am excited to continue the healing joinery that Cindy and staff have created.  Thank you Angels! — Maggie

After the cleanse I regained fluid movement in my joints and muscles and it is easy to stretch and move without effort.  I no longer feel stiff.  My legs have stopped itching and the skin condition on my face is almost gone.  My head is clear and I have a feeling of lightness.  I can’t stop smiling. — Pauline-artist-Australia

I feel absolutely wonderful, clean, restored, and like I’ve been blessed with a brand new life. — Chris-builder-Hi 

I feel really good all around.  The environment here is very supportive for enhancing the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes.  Don’t overthink it- just do it. — Sam

Emotionally, I was falling into a dark place when I came.  I was losing hope of not going through a torturous ordeal with chemo.  Now, I feel good and hopeful, and I look forward to seeing the changes my body will make in future months. — Clayton 

I know I am a 10 of self love. — Cecile 

Wow!  I feel so amazing inside and out.  I feel a physical and emotional weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  What a gift!  I am so grateful to be a part of Angel Farms and the healing that has taken place here. — Melanie 

This has been the greatest experience. It has taught me so much about myself and opened me to knowledge of God’s love for me.  If it was not for Kaliko, I would not have gotten here.  Another Earth Angel. — Nancy 

Angel Farms goes to the root of all illness.  It’s powerful and profound in its simplicity. Pepper!  How can you not love Pepper!  Her soups are absolutely scrumptious and she is too!  I love her deeply! Jorgina was superb- beautiful touch.  I really enjoyed her treatment. — Ed

I was transported to Angel Farms on the wings of beloved friends who made this whole journey possible.  This continues to be a gift that teaches me the lessons of saying “yes” and “thank you”.  Never before have I experienced the freedom to awaken to the true self I’ve always known I am.  I just needed this love and support to turn away from the dark and into the light! Beverly soothed me into a welcomed and much needed sleep and allowed me to release completely! It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the hands as powerful and knowing as Elisha’s, who opened my body up to leave me feeling three feet taller! — Rob 

I feel deeply refocused on my purpose to love and be love. I feel deep peace with a grounding presence. — John 

Just arriving on this special property gave me a sense of hope.  By day 5 my husband and I had significant healing going on and by day 10 we feel rejuvenated in our bodies, minds, and in our relationship.  It is truly a miraculous program!  We love you Angel Farms! — Callie 

Words cannot describe the numerous miracles I received while at Angel Farms.  My eczema completely healed, I’m sleeping better than I ever have in my life, I feel clear headed, focused and sharp.  I have never felt so much inner peace and my energy flow is unobstructed and free.  I am completely and unconditionally in love with myself.  I am at peace.  I am present.  I am love. — Kimi 

Realizing and letting go of my anger has saved my life.  I found the answer to thousands of my questions and more. — Marcie 

I feel so very nourished and nurtured at Angel Farms, allowing me to come to a new level of connection with Spirit with so much love.  The Team here on this earth, that we are so blessed to have facilitate us through this Cleanse.  Everyone was amazing, always kind, and really not enough words to say. — Sandra 

My drug and alcohol cravings have subsided.  I’m excited to continue a healthy mental and physical life.  Very thankful for an early start to a better me. —Hannah

As a person with chronic illness, removing the drain of parasites, toxins, and self-judgement- this has been deeply important to my healing path. —Kelsey 

I look great and LOVE MYSELF MORE THAN EVER!!! —Beth 

My aches have decreased significantly, without headaches in 5 days!  Relaxed and without neck tension.  I can see more clearly and my concentration is increased.  Negative thought patterns greatly reduced.  This was so worth it. — Karen 

I am grateful for the deep remembering my true essence as a seed of God. Focusing on this allowed me to shed many layers of disbelief in myself, releasing attachments of unworthiness and to radiate joy.  My body is deeply transforming for living life in the fullest abundant radiating spirit of truth. — Lionel  

I got my soul back.  I was dying in every aspect of my life and I feel like now I can be who I know I was meant to be.  I came here depressed, tired, and in chronic pain.  I am leaving feeling energetic, young, and humbled to know now I have the tools to drive throughout my life.  I was also feeling very disconnected from the world and I leave with a purpose to spread love to whoever I come into contact with.  It only takes 8,000 of us!!! Pepper- Chefs have a way of expressing themselves through their cooking and Pepper defines that.  Her cooking is a main reason I am on the road to healing.  I can’t wait to make her rice pudding recipe. —Justin 

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for what I’ve experienced and gained by being here.  The outpour of love and joy is so profound.  The knowledge and process of the program is LIFE CHANGING!  It has given me HOPE again!  I am a living testimony of how this program can change lives.  I am back on track being who I am meant to be- amplified!! — Rowena-Hi

This Cleanse allowed me to reset the ongoing “I’m not good enough, there’s something wrong with me.”  I am now committed to my ongoing self-care and to love myself and others unconditionally!  Mind/body/spirit transformation. Amy is an angel.  When she enters the room I feel safe and secure and loved.  Kaliko is a magic man.  HIs laughter lightened me up.  His wisdom shines through. — Joan-NY

I’ve always known there is heaviness that is holding me back.  The physical and emotional release is beyond comprehension. — Alexandra-Greece   

I can’t believe how much we abuse this wonderful body.  It feels wonderful to flush toxins and waste out.  Health belongs in the colon. — Ranjan

Such a relief to feel my colon light and normal.  My skin no longer itches.  I have less sorrow, grief, heaviness, fatigue and feel full of joy and hope.  A big break through- the past does not exist! — Line-Japan 

I came in so stressed.  I was always on edge, making me avoid both positive and negative emotions.  Releasing a lifetime of physical manifestations of this tension residing in my digestive system is allowing me what I know to be my only possible road back to health and happiness and oneness with the Universe. — Dennis

Physically I am freed!  Instead of judgement, anger, and criticism, I now know that I can choose love.  In doing so, I spread that love to my own body and to everyone on the planet.  This experience changes your life in the many beautiful ways. — Diana 

My face looks younger and a lot of my wrinkles are gone!  Best fountain of youth ever! No surgery!  I am waiting to hear what my friends say.  I’m looking forward to many more miracles and plan on letting 60 lbs go..so I’m excited!!  I love Angel Farms! Amy is a dear, kind, sweet, intuitive Angel.  She never falters in supportive duties and she always stays kind and encouraging.  She is pure joy! Kaliko is amazing!  HIs kind heart shows through his eyes and he is gentle, supportive, and encouraging.  He is very good at his work and a pure joy to see everyday.  We loved his live concert.  His voice is deep like ancient souls.  Mahalo! Kahea is amazing.  I have a lot of experience with massage and she is the top of the top.  I knew right away I wanted to have another Lomi with her.  Her familial Lomi Lomi style is awesome and I will always come back to see her. — Deborah 

Happier and twinkling!  So happy my brother came here and they he is doing much much better.  The results are remarkable! — Carolyn 

12 days of Cleansing at Angel Farms I was able to let go of old patterns of limited thinking and emotional baggage.  This healed my body and brain.  Pepper- WOW.  Amazing cook, entertainer, storyteller, and intuitive person!  Love her cooking and how she checked in with people to gauge her cooking ingredients. — Sandy 

Amy: MISS SUNSHINE.  The big smile first thing in the morning.  I couldn’t have made it through 10 days of Cleanses without her. — Larry 

Looking 10 years younger.  Organs functioning, swelling went down a lot and legs are walking better.  With less anger in my liver, I have more compassion and higher vibration. —Cheryl 

Everyone here gave me so much love and encouragement.  I saw real progress physically, and I feel better inside myself both spiritually and emotionally. — Sprice

Better circulation, belly flat, more clarity, and more vision for an abundant future. — Jonathan Shaw

This Cleanse was a deeper level of self-awareness and self-love. The journey with Cindy allowed me to reset the ongoing undercurrent in my life of “I’m not good enough. There’s something wrong with me.” Cancel, Clear!! I am now committed to my ongoing self-care and to love myself and others unconditionally! Judgment and criticism have been deeply released. Now, it is up to me to stay on the Love Path. Thank you Cindy, Larry, and everyone at Angel Farms. — Joan, Massage Therapist, NY (O/H)

So happy I came back, so much to let go and transform. I look forward to being part of the Angel Way and seeing the world in a brighter light. —Susanna, Herbalist, NY (O/H)

I can’t begin to share the miracles that have happened and are happening. The amount of matter and pockets that have been released is beyond comprehension. I’ve always known there is heaviness that is holding me back, and I’ve done so many things which have helped, but this is by far the most incredible. The combination of physical release and how much energy, flow, access to my body I have, with the emotional, spiritual, and mental reprogramming of real memories — literally re-membering putting my body back to what it’s always known: That I’m God. I’m Love. We all are. I feel it so deeply and I am thankful to you all. I am so deeply grateful for every aspect of this experience. You’ve been so thoughtful and divinely guided, and it shows in the results and the day-to-day progress. I’ve been able to release and let go of probably 30-40 enormous pockets that have literally been holding me down physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I’ve needed this for a long time. Needed something to change, and everything I’ve tried just hasn’t quite gotten to the core issues. This whole experience has allowed me to release and remember — literally re-member — what I am. What we all are. I have so much space and circulation and flow and nutrients running through my vessel now. My whole person … my eyes, my skin, my face … the joy I feel and lightness is such a difference. I knew it was possible, and yet to happen so quickly and lasting (I can tell you/the aftercare maintenance empowerment.). —Alexandra, Blank Canvas, FL

A lot more energy. Calm. —Yoav, Attorney, MA

Physical – Health belongs in the colon. It feels wonderful to flush toxins and waste out of your body. Can’t believe how much we abuse this wonderful body. Emotional – Clearing up of this beautiful body. Spiritual – Reminding us who to trust and give our everything to — the Creator. He who created the universe makes us move and lives within. Grateful to Angel Farms staff reminding us each day how loved we are. Thank you. —Ranjan, Event Planner, TX

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for what I’ve experienced and gained by being here. The outpour of love by everyone here (and feel of the land) is so profound. The knowledge and process of the program IS LIFE CHANGING! It has pushed e to a whole ‘nother level in every facet of my life. It has surely helped me physically and transformed my emotional state for sure. The program has given me HOPE again! Makes me feel special to know I am a living testimony of how this program can change lives. Makes me want to tell everyone I know, because I know even though they may think they are healthy, they can benefit from this! I’ve always been a spiritual person, but this experience has pushed me further. Just the knowledge and love and the mana from the aina is WOW!!! I am back on track being who I am meant to be – AMPLIFIED!!! Love. —Rowena, Retail, HI

Physical: such a relief to feel my colon “normal” and light. My skin issue (spot on back) smaller and does not itch. Emotional: Less sorrow, grief, heaviness, fatigue, during the days. Today, none. Feel free,, full of hope, joy and connected to my core, and others. Spiritual: Even more connected to God and myself. Acceptance, love my life, and everyone in it. Deep gratitude, love. Big breakthrough: past-time does not exist – what a relief. Experience (again) to meet soul sisters and brothers. Got clear about and know to flip back again. I am loved! —Line, Nurse Psychotherapist, Norway

It’s subtle, but the healing is definitely taking place. It’s interesting to see the physical changes and feel the spiritual changes. The biggest difference is the emotional change that you notice taking place. Different behavioral traits come to the surface which shows you what you need to look at and let go of. —Sprice, Retired TV, GA

My physical health: my aches are decreased significantly . No headaches in 5 days! No neck tension. Relaxed. Can see and hear more clearly. Fingers plumper. Stomach flat. My emotions: mood swings dramatically reduced. Stabilizing in a calm, gentle, joyous, open state. Mental: thought patterns towards the negative greatly reduced. Calm mind. Concentration increased. Spiritual: strong sense of being reconnected to my soul/spirit — to divine guidance. Faith and trust increased. —Karen, Psychotherapist,

I got my soul back. I was dying in every aspect of my life and I feel like now I can be who I know I was meant to be. I came here depressed, tired, and in chronic pain. And I am leaving feeling energetic, young, and humbled to now know I have the tools to thrive throughout my life. I was also feeling very disconnected from the world and I leave with a purpose to spread love to whoever I come into contact with. It only takes 8,000 of us!!!!! —Justin, Soccer Coach, CA

I am grateful for the deep remembering of my true essence as a seed up God. Focusing on helping me nurture truth within me has allowed me to shed may layers of disbelief in myself, releasing attachments of unworthiness, and allowing my authentic true self to emerge and radiate the joyous youthfulness of Source from within! I feel calmer and more centered in the Now. My body is deeply transforming for living life in the fullest, abundant radiating Spirit of Truth. —Lionel, Love, HI

I can’t share ALL benefits until I am back, but as of now, I feel great! Mostly mental and emotionally healed, plus feel full of life and energy. I look great and LOVE MYSELF MORE THAN EVER! —Beth, Business Coach, NY

Perspective is everything. Shifting perspectives has been a huge component of my healing at Angel Farms. My physical symptoms are responding and I am sure will continue to do so. I am clear that I do not have cancer. I have backed away from the edge and I am clear now how to journey forward from here. The process will rewrite my life, and I am happy with that. Blessed be. —Ren, Therapist/Ayurveda/Psychotherapist, CA

At Angel Farms, I received a massive jumpstart to my health. Chronic pain gone. Circulation returned, self-love returned. It was fascinating to see the parasites purge, as I’ve been taking anti-parasitic herbs for three years without much change in my system. As a person with chronic illness, removing the drain of parasites, toxins, and self-judgment has been deeply important to my healing path. —Kelsey, Herbalist, CA

I appreciate that my mind is having moments of feeling lighter. I look forward to my body feeling less pain, tension, and contributing to depression/anxiety. I’m nurturing the possibility to move toward better health and gaining strength to sustain better health. —Dan, Helper, CO

Moved some blockages in colon and liver/gallstones, feeling lighter in mood and more clarity in mind. —Faith, Massage Therapist, CO

My energy level has been constant.  Candida has subsided a little, but will follow through with the grapefruit and olive leaf extract to see better results.  I don’t want to overload my digestive system as before and will be eating more consciously to achieve well being.  I am thinking clearly and haven’t felt mentally drained from overeating.  I like the body and mind I’m in and want to keep it the best I can.  I feel like my foundation for living this life has another corner post and look forward to the future.  If you want to invest in yourself, there is no better place.  Carlos, HI. 

Psoriasis on calves – gone and going.  Feel cleaner, lighter, clearer, happier, and have let go of a few lingering feelings, resentments and worries around work and money which was very pronounced and unexpected.  The wound on my right knuckle is really beginning to show signs of healing, and the swelling has gone down dramatically. —Matthew, HI 

Learned to truly love myself.  Been working on it for a while.  Just needed to put the pieces together in a way that is simple and makes sense.  Stop using C-pap machine. Stop fearing about my heart.  Lost lots of attitude.  Lost some weight.  Got rid of a lot of stuff and finally realized I was full of shit from a past that no longer serves. Start at Angel Farms then you will not need to go further. —Dale, HI

I had no idea I even needed a Cleanse! But from the first day I could tell this was exactly what I needed. The 10th day happened to be my 60th birthday and this was the perfect gift I could give myself. I learned more about my vital internal organs than I imagined, plus learning the emotional impact of negative emotions has been really important. I’ve been learning not just the nutrition of optimal health but to release and let go anger, resentment, unforgiveness so they don’t become gal and liver stones. And it’s so good to know I don’t need to take all those supplements, especially knowing those worms and other parasites are gone and won’t be stealing my foods nutrients anymore. —John, KS

I wanted to “launch” at Angel Farms. And I did. I received a lot but most importantly, I now have:
More clarity
More focus
More presence
More humble
Not judgmental anymore
Not doubtful anymore
Not fearful anymore
Not a coffee junkie anymore!
—Beezhan, Entrepreneur, HI

Referred by Terra Ann Bracht and Steve Lund of Hawaiian Sanctuary

I just want to start off with saying I think everyone should do this program. It is like pushing a reset button on your body. After this program, you can start anew with a clean slate and more informed so that you won’t pollute your body again. And you now know how to keep it clean and maintained. You will free yourself of DIS-EASE and feel more alive, vibrant, and young… I feel clean, slimmer, younger, and with less aches and wrinkles. I’m excited to restart my life from this clean slate so that I can have a better life experience!
—Brandy, CA 

The most important, exciting thing is I got back in touch with my silent mind, my Zen[CS1] .[CS2]  I’ve been more focused on discipline, commitment, and showing up for my dreams. My health physically, emotionally, and spiritually is back on track with plenty of coal for the fire to keep this train going. Released unnecessary and unwanted guests in my temple home, which caused more clarity of brain, with supporting beautiful water, nutrition, and love. That was the main healing aspect of my overall feeling of clean and clear mind, body, and soul. —Pamela, KS 

It is the perfect experience for Marlys and I to honor our bodies, spirits, and souls in a truly healing environment! I feel deep gratitude for reconnecting with my true purpose – LOVE! I am feeling whole right now, knowing that this is only the beginning of a healthier, better, balanced us. Marlys and I are a great team, and I look forward to our journey and the many opportunities.

The Angel Farms Cleanse is wholesome, and it works well due to the staff’s high level of integrity and support! Love yourself and plan on spending 14 days in Hawaii to complete the Cleans. Your body and spirit will love you back, and so will your community and family. —Jens Entrepreneur/Community Builder, OR.

Never better is my answer when you asked me how I feel. Amazing, Clear, and wonderful. Physically and emotionally I arrived drained, no energy, depressed, and lost in my thoughts. The Cleanse has brought about a physical enhancement and emotional clarity. The best I have felt in 20 years. I look forward to returning for a tune-up in September. Don’t wait, it’s the best thing you can do for your mind, body, and spirit. Truly a blessing! And, in Paradise. —Stephen, Self-Employed, NY.

When I arrived here I had a pit in my stomach that had been there for a long time. I can breathe and I feel no fears. Thank you, Angel Farms. It has been awesome! If you have any kind of hesitation – Don’t. This is heaven on earth and has completely changed my life. —Louise, Retired, IL

I came to Angel Farms at 60 years old. In the last 1-1/2 years, I felt my body had really aged and all I could foresee was getting older and more aches, and looking old beyond my years. My skin was dry and lifeless even though I have lived a lifestyle free of smoking, no drugs, good organic food. After my Cleanse, I am so amazed how my body was not able to absorb the nutrients that I was eating, due to clogged up colen and the parasites. I also cam to with the attitude of “Not me – No way! I don’t have parasites”. I soon found out differently. Thank you, Cindy, If only everyone would do this for their bodies. We will be your disciples! It is day 10 and I feel like I am getting a face lift from within. My skin absolutely tingles with the feeling of new blood entering every cell. —Marylys, Interior Designer, OR.

I feel great! Physically and emotionally I look forward to sharing the love with many. I still have a lot of work to do, but just thinking about it inspires my journey. So many Angels to pass on the idea and principles of this honor. Everyone has a great vibe that makes it easy to let go. Thank you everyone. Love you all! —Leonardo, Chef, HI.

Holy crap! I have felt constipated and exhausted for years. I have done western medicine and alternative medicine therapies and treatments for many years with only tiny results. This ten days has made my symptoms and my right hip pain (that I never sought treatment for) disappear. I am a walking miracle, but that’s not all. I have been a practicing therapist and hypnotherapist for 20 years. Cindy is a Master Healer, and she helped me integrate on a personal and professional level. Her teachings also helped my husband and I (he did the Cleanse with me) heal some sticking points in our 19-year relationship. Everyone involved in the Cleanse are truly gifted Angels. My life and the lives of those I love and encounter are forever improved. The benefits you will gain on this journey are truly priceless. Come with an open heart and you will benefit from your investment forever Mahalo nui loa! —Kristin, Therapist, CA.

As a second-timer of the Cleanse, I cannot say enough about how pleased I am that I returned. At the time of my first Cleanse, looking back now, I was not ready to let go of the past. This second time around though, WOW! It really stuck! I was a good student all around – listening, learning, and practicing all the techniques of the entire Cleanse process – mind, body, emotions, spirit. I highly recommend reading Cindy’s book prior to doing the Cleanse if uoi are new to it, it will help acclimate you beforehand. Cindy, Larry, and the whole Angel Farms team are so open to answering any questions as well. I wish all future Angels the joy in life this experience has brought me! Let go of fear, put expectations aside and open your mind to learning and transforming. —Kathleen, Project Manager, MN.

Physical = 10! Best I’ve felt in … ever!!! Emotional – thought was a 10 before, but now I’m a 1010 . Spiritual: Is one, if one wanted to, or knew someone who did, allowed to say that (that particular one) they’ve transcended the physical realm, by the Grace of God & by the devotion of Cindy, Larry, their family, home, and masterful staff … to God and endless moments of selflessness and complete merging with Love and Divinity existing in every part of creation in the direct encounter of his own senses: The peacock listening, watching; the ocean waves crashing, then calm’s silent spacious presence? This is just a new beginning on an infinite road, with gratitude to be on this road, any road, all roads, and more words for you coming soon! Absolutely you must do it! It has been the most essential single reason I am back home on this earth feeling vibrantly healthy and in love with creation! —Eliot, Teacher, CA.

My journey at Angel Farms, restored my awareness to the Love I am. The layer upon layer of release of old emotional patterns and the stories about the places in my life that I judged were finally surrendered to the Truth in Love’s presence. My body responded by releasing the toxins and constrictions that prevented it from receiving all the nutritious goodness that comes from eating from the aina (the land). I feel freer and more unburdened than I can remember in the past 65 years. My vitality and life force have returned and I am no longer carrying the burden of “unprocessed stuff” on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Just do it! It will really change your life for the better on all levels. It is all done with love. —Victoria, CA

Always a pleasure to meet like souls really following their true path as healers. As a true planetary healer (organic farmer – soul counselor) myself, most of my healing this time has been just being with you all. What a pleasure! Physically, WOW! Having been on a healing path many years, I notice most of the body’s releases. It has increased my love and compassion for all beings on this earth experience and look forward to this cleansing to be available to all beings who are ready to finally really heal, body, mind, spirit, and then the earth herself. Carry on Angels – I am with you! Namaste. —George “Sun” , Organic Farmer-Soul Counselor, HI.

NOW, my spirit feels light, my face is more open and shiny, also the eyes. I feel happy, no worries or anxiety. Life is a fog, I have been bathed and showered in love. Basically, no more shaking of head (earlier some sometimes). Ear infection went from left to right, now gone. Better texture hair and nails Worms out, and a great feeling. I count on digestion functioning. The swollenness above (especially) left knee gone. I will postpone knee replacement, once more. Angel Farms is the best nourishment for a healthy life. —Sophia, Norway.

I feel much lighter in a body, mind, and more in touch with the spirit. I feel that I managed to let go of a lot of things, and more and more, I am in a peace state. I am more centered and in touch with my body. —Vlada CA.

I feel much lighter after releasing a lot of old “stuff” both physically as well as energetically. —Fabian, self-employed, CA

Sixteen years of left hip pain and leg pain was erased on Day 7 of the Cleanse! Feeling the remembrance of myself as my spirit. Freedom of the “weight” of self-criticisms. Overall, “enlightenment”! —Susan, Acupuncturist/Herbalist, CA,.

My skin and focus have improved. Very useful tools to find my way back to health and God. I feel lighter. … I’ll fake it until I make it. Your life, love, and God depend on good health first. —Andrea, Esthetician, WA.

I must say thank you. It’s amazing what a 10-day Cleanse at Angel Farms can do for you!!!! I have left behind my old emotional baggage and physically feel “clean” and much more energetic. Just “do it”. —Ross, Business Owner, PA.

I feel amazing! I feel so alive, so grateful, so happy, and so energetic. I feel shifted, and I feel stronger in mind, body, & soul. I feel like this is just the beginning and I will see more changes in the next 9 months. My mind feels cleaner. I feel less pressure in my eyes. I feel balanced, I feel like I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge, life altering infinity. There have been times when my energy has felt so strong I felt like I was going to burst. I feel like I have found what I had been searching for all these years to really heal. I feel very blessed. —Alva, CA

Gentleness from everybody. I feel renewed after these 10 days. Love is all around. Lessons of life reminds us of many principles of life that we all know inside but do not practice … and be reminded of them is a good thing! —Claudette, Retired Atty/ Art Gallery Owner, Canada.

So much old “crap” (literal and figurative) comes out – I realize why it takes 10 days (or more).
—Elinor, Retired Librarian, HI.

I had diabetes when I came here. After two days I stopped all insulin shots. Felt just fine. Right side of face is/was paralyzed after cancer in my parotid gland (largest salivary gland located near the ear). After the surgery I was totally paralyzed on the right side and I had tremendous nerve pain. By my third day I actually felt like I had the sensation of a true smile. I now have some feeling in areas I haven’t felt in years! I got my smile back!! I feel I can go home and be a better example for not only my kids, but my whole family. DO IT! You will be surprised, happy, and pleased with the results of true miracles that happen at Angel Farms. —Ty, Bar & Grill Owner, AZ.

I returned after 9 years for a second 10-day Cleanse. So glad I did. Even though I was good about maintenance, the first 2-3 years, I even came back here for a tune-up), these last several years I had forgotten. It took an injury – depression – addiction to nonsense and general lethargy, until I realized I needed to go “home” and get reset! I was able to clear a lot, which was good because my colon had started to get that icky build up again. Now I feel alive and well, spiritually uplifted, and ready to see what’s next, with so much more love and joy! And I got to see this fabulous new property! —Kathy, ID

I started out with two miracles. I wanted to see – toe nail fungus, bad breath cured and wound up with many more possibilities on my list – discontinue taking an anti-depressant, elbow and arm pain relief, relief from discomfort in my right-side abdomen, better emotional and spiritual balance and understanding of our purpose here on Earth – to love –; the importance of forgiving ourselves and others and letting “shit” go! Learning to put myself first. What a pleasure to get to know the family and crew! Mahalo for all you do for the world! Aloha, —Karen, Tech Specialist, AK.

My experience is and was deeply transformational. Aside from a new spaciousness within myself, my entire face lifted, particularly my right side, including the eyelids. I feel more at peace and ease within myself and am very excited about how the process is going to continue to unfold. This experience has let me look at my eating habits and food choices more clearly. My overall health and wellbeing is at a new all-time high. Thank you guys! —Angelika, Horticulturist, NM.

My transformation has been beautiful. I didn’t really know entirely why I came, but when I heard about it, everything in my body told me it was time. Turns out, my guides brought me here. Originally, I came with the intention of learning to hear my body – so I thought, clear the shit out and then listen. But the shit turned out to be more than just pockets, ropes, and parasites – the shit was my own doubts and lack of self-worth. I am leaving with a profound self-love. I listened to my body, and it told me it loves me. I love it. It’s a profound place form which to move in the world. I am forever grateful.

Trust your curiosity, its coming from a very deep place. We are never taught to invest in ourselves, but it is the most important investment you will make. Liz – Nurse – Philadelphia

Everything is released, clean. All my senses. Very relaxed. If you want to be healthy by getting rid of parasites, worms —come here. —Richard – Mediation – San Rafael.

By the end of my Cleanse, I felt lighter, as if a weight of toxins from my body and emotions were rinsed away. My mind could focus without background chatter and I knew I had wonderful new tools – so many – to use in my life ahead. Also, I have felt so much gratitude for Cindy, Larry, Shara, Amy, and Anthony, what a loving family to share their lives with us helping us to feel nourished – heart, mind, body, and spirit! I am so glad I came to Angel Farms where angels are reborn! Thank you all so much! I wish I could stay and cleanse another week!


More Testimonials will be posted soon.

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