What’s Included in The Cleanse

Your Transformational 10 Day Cleanse includes:

• An in depth Orientation and Welcome Meeting that is offered the day before the actual Cleanse process begins to answer all your questions and get you started at 4:30 pm at Angel Farms, Everyone welcome.

• 10 days of Colon Cleansing using a completely private, gentle gravity/open system

Daily nutritional, emotional, and mental education

• Daily education about your body, organs and how they work and how to correct thoughts, emotions, and mis-perceptions.  —priceless

• Personal consultation regarding your current seen and unseen needs including Iridology.

• Before and after pictures

• A customized ” dessert” following your Cleanse each day containing key herbs and nutrients to support the body in healthy regeneration and not throw you into a healing crisis. WE do not do that!

• A Liver Cleanse session beginning on the 7th day with full education on your wonderful liver

• Customized body function Cleanses during the week depending on additional issues you may have such as a kidney cleanse or mucus-less cleanses

• Use of equipment, including Infrared Sauna, Bio-mat, body bridge, trampoline, and more to support Lymphatic drainage and digestive system rejuvenation

• Delicious organic locally grown vegetarian soups available to eat throughout the day according to Cindy’s Doctrine of Food Signatures

• Access to explore a beautiful 8-acre tropical paradise containing orchards, a river and multiple waterfalls

• Private Transitional Inner Child Session with Cindy Sellers who has over 150,000 hours in just this remarkable therapy)

• Private full body energy session with Larry Sellers, includes toning and stones

• In depth nutritional counseling as well as significant “care and maintenance” written instructions for your NEW body

• One Full body massage 
during the week. (Additional Therapies and Massage Sessions available upon request at a discounted price)

.One yummy essential oil treatment.

• A take-home package of vitamins, minerals and other vital supplements valued at over $200 to support the massive regeneration of your body for the first 30 days after your Cleanse.

• A copy of Cindy’s Award winning book You Don’t Have To Hurt Anymore

• A Celebration Graduation following your Cleanse to honor your New You and additional surprises that help facilitate your spiritual and physical transformation.

Welcoming into our worldwide family membership of clear Angels.

Additional activities (at no additional cost- weather and time permitting)
 Morning Yoga with Angel Farms unique gentle 10 Day Yoga Program

Trip to the Market

Waterfall swim on property!

If you choose NOT to rent a car, we can arrange for airport pickup for $40.00 per person roundtrip. (Rides can be shared at no extra cost)

If you are on island at Equinox or Solstice, you can join or Ohana up Mauna Kea.  We carry our prayers up to the top of the world and leave them with Akua!  This is a very rare opportunity to follow an ancient path with Kaliko and Kahu, and Paul Neves of the Royal Order of King Kamehameha that you do not want to miss.  The last time I was up we saw a WHITE rainbow!  So many colors of white!






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