What Is An Angel?

Excerpt from Cindy Seller’s New Book:

You Don’t Have To Hurt Anymore
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Throughout the book, I refer to each and every one of you as an “Angel”, because that is how I know you! What is an Angel? A celestial being with all the knowledge of the universe! I truly believe that all things are possible and that is why I am a Miracle Junkie. I know that you have loved even when it has been hard. You are an Angel! I know what your love is worth and how important you are. I know the absolute good that you are. I know the wisdom you carry, 100%. I know why you are here. I know how many walk with you and how honored they are to do so. I know how bright you shine. I know how powerful you are. I know that you are safe and wanted in this world. I know you are a seed of God walking on earth, blessing it with every step you take and every breath you breathe. I have witnessed many people literally transform their body,mind, and spirit over the years. What amazing miracles I have been able to witness! I am educated mostly by God and by life and by listening, although I absolutely have had many great teachers! I am honored to know where their work has blossomed through me.This book is to help you know what I know about how very special you are to the Creator and to the World. Bless you and your Great Love.

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