This book and Cyndy changed my life!

This book and Cyndy changed my life!

I am fortunate enough to have read this book and to actually go to Angel farms. This is the easiest book to read, understand and retain the information. It it a roadmap through your body, mind and emotions, straight to your heart and love. Cyndy is a wonderful teacher and healer and truly is a living example of loving light on this planet. The book is full of information to educate you on how to truly care for your body, and best of all to love yourself.

Angel farms is a miracle, and as Cyndy always says, “we have miracles here everyday” and she means it! I literally watched people get well right in front of my eyes within days of being there.

This book is a must read for anyone seeking true healing and lasting change, and if you can get to Hawaii and do the cleanse, do it! Your LIFE is worth it!

Truly the best thing I have ever done for my self, my life and my family. — JeanineTheMean

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