Thank you for Adopting An Angel!

Because of you an Angel will be able to attend
the Angel Farms Cleanse.

Aloha Beloveds,  Another of our Graduates just sponsored a good friend of hers to do this Amazing Cleanse.  Her gift will change Diana’s life.  I will post her own words in 12 days from now.  Stay tuned to a miracle!!! Miracles on both sides because giving is the truest way to be like God!

You affect the world with your gifts of abundance. Your donation will change someone’s life!

Emergency!  We have a mother with 4 children heading for dialysis!  Her kidneys are have a problem and have been a great teacher for her.  Angel Farms Cleanse can help her and her family.  Please donate what you can for Shelanee!

*All donations are tax deductible. Angel Farms is a  registered Hawaii Non-profit.

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