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Cindy Sellers in Santa Rosa Sunday, May 3rd

A Meeting With Cindy Mahealani Sellers 
of Angel Farms Cleansing and Rejuvenation Center In her information-rich presentation, CINDY SELLERS of Angel Farms will talk about the Angel Farms unique 11-day Rejuvenating Cleanse and how to heal the body naturally. Please come and learn more about this wonderful way to support the body’s own ability for

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Heartbeats of Hula And Healthy Hawaiians

CONNECTING CULTURES King David Kalakaua proclaimed that hula was the “heartbeat of the Hawaiian people”. These words that will be echoed many times during this Annual Merrie Monarch Hula Festival and many Merrie Monarch’s to come. At the time the King uttered those words the Hawaiian Nationals of Kanaka Maoli blood had been seriously depopulated.

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Review: Combining colon hydrotherapy with the principles of love, compassion and forgiveness

Just imagine someone who combined colon hydrotherapy with the principles of love, compassion and forgiveness. That sums up the work and teachings of author Cindy Sellers who is based at ‘Angel Farms’ in Hawaii and has led over 5,000 people through a ten day cleanse process. In the book, Cindy describes many people who were

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Review: Thank you for the gift of “You don’t have to hurt anymore”

I’m writing to thank you for the gift of “You don’t have to hurt anymore”. I recently completed reading it and now will surely use it as a valuable ongoing reference book, it’s so filled with such great value. I think it’s the first book of it’s type, (and I’ve read a few) that I

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Review: This is a great book.

“This is a great book. It includes the wisdom and experience of a heart filled woman who has helped many, including me, journey toward health and wholeness. It is simple to read and understand. Cindy always if you can’t teach it to a child, then it’s not worth knowing! So if you want to understand

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