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Happy to get to the absolute bottom of the entail trail. To get the big bad bugga boos out of me, fantastic. Worth the price of admission!!  Emotionally I’m now ready to fly again in the return journey from the bowels to bliss!!! Most important singular concept for me was to completely align with health and well being, as my direct course to a post cancer prognosis. Thank you guys immensely! Spectacular location too!  Much love and gratitude.”
— Kim, HI- Emmy award winning set designer on Hawaii Five O.

Physically I feel alive. Before I felt sluggish, like everything was difficult to do. Tired all the time. After the Cleanse, I feel like I did when I was a kid…. normal…clear and alive. Emotionally, I was unable to turn off my head and negative emotions would stress me out and hurt me physically. After the Cleanse, I have learned to meditate and been given tools to shut off my head. Plus, I’ve learned to discard the negative emotions and keep my body, my priority, healthy!!
— Sheri-CA – Advertising executive

Received an increased renewal of my faith. Learned more than ever about the body and Its functions and I have had years of “knowledge” in this field.  The spirit here is warm, loving and contagious. I learned to change my theology about God and it blessed what I already know, believe and teach”. — Carol CA – Minister

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