Angel Instant Fear Release Technique


Definition of FEAR: Fantasized Emotion Appearing Real Tools to get out of FEAR: 1. Feel it in your belly 2. Put your hand on your belly and raise your belly with your breath. (This relaxes your diaphragm and, therefore, relaxes your nervous system.) 3. Ask yourself these five questions: What…

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Caffeine Wisdom


Excerpt from: “You Don’t Have to Hurt Anymore” by Cindy Mahealani Sellers “Let’s talk about caffeine and the protein relationship you must know for good health. Caffeine has tannic acid in it. We use tannic acid to tan leather, right? When you drink caffeine on an empty stomach, which is…

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Styrofoam Awareness


Styrofoam (Styrene) is used extensively in the manufacture of plastics, rubber and resins. Everyone is exposed to Styrofoam! Studies have shown that 100% of all humans tested have Styrofoam in the tissue of their bodies! Exposure to Styrofoam creates health effects like irritation of the skin, eyes, and upper respiratory…

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Oil Alarm


How many of you have ever seen concentrated oil natural in nature? The answer is NEVER! Only mankind squishes a lot of flax seeds to get a table spoon of flax oil or a lot of hemp seeds to get a table spoon of hemp oil, or a lot of…

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The Facts About Water


*Download a .pdf of this document Water holds a major place in nature’ s cyde. Life and the reproduction of any species cannot exist without water. Without water, we will only live a few days. This is because our body relies on water to filter. move, and get rid of…

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