Cindy Sellers of Angel Farms Cleansing And Rejuvenation Center

Learn about why it is crucial for everyone to cleanse the colon for better health, more vitality and longevity.
Some benefits: to remove dark circles from under the eyes, reverse gray hair, lose weight, end depression, restore joy, regulate your blood pressure and revitalize youthful skin.

Cindy Sellers of Angel Farms is here from Big Island of Hawaii offering information about their 10-day rejuvenating Cleanses. Please feel free to come and learn more information on this wonderful way to Cleanse and rejuvenate the body. Come with all your questions about our bodies’ natural functions, diet, and health. Learn how cleaning the body can rid you of parasites, metals, dis-ease, and much more. Over two decades, Cindy and Larry have helped over 5000 people regain their youth and health.

Visit our website at or 808- 965-0781 for more information.

You Don’t Have To Hurt Anymore, Expect A Miracle!



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