June Update

Aloha Everyone.

Cindy Sellers will be hosting a Conference Call this coming Wednesday June 12th @ 3:30 PM Hawaii Time and Sunday June 16th @ 10:00 AM Hawaii Time. We are 2 hours behind West Coast and 5 hours behind East Coast. Cindy will be explaining the course of a 10-day Cleanse at Angel Farms and will be happy to answer any of your questions. It’s free to call and everybody is welcome to participate. Tell your friends and family and those who interested in the Cleanse. Conference call line number 610-214-0000 and the Access Code 464606#.

We are right now on the 4th Day of the Cleanse and Yes miracles are happening already. We are posted more testimonies on our web-site. Here just a few from the last Cleanse.

I came with the hope and expectation that the Cleanse would benefit me physically – ridding me of the little aches and ailments that afflict me, gaining greater energy and improving my sense of well-being. What I found in addition is a better and deeper understanding of the connection between the body – the individual organs themselves and how it affects emotions. That insight leads one to realize the need to let go of old resentments, past anger and traumas in order to achieve and maintain a state of health. And perhaps most important the need to carry these insights into daily life as my journey unfolds. An additional comment I want to make – the staff here is AMAZING! – so supportive, kind and patient. There is a life lesson to be had just observing how they treat others. —Irene, 80, Retired, NY

Physically my face changed most. The wrinkles are less visible. My eyes look darker in color. By the end of Day9 my shorts were falling off. So my body is truly melting. Emotionally – I have forgiven myself for everything now and getting out of the way. Spiritually my angel wings have sprouted. I am a beautiful, powerful, grounded child of God. This is the Best Gift you can give yourself. — Jaymalee, 58, Hawaii

My brain and senses are super charged! My hip has realigned itself. My acne and pores are healing. Toenail health improving. Rash on ankles clearing. Chronic vaginitis all gone. Emotional wellness feels quiet and present and easeful. Spiritual health is feeling really well tooled. My self-love is truly incredible. My sense of purpose and forgiveness feels like an ocean of wealth. Old stories have been released and feel deeply renewed in my path of service. This is your life and if given opportunity to be optimal in health and spirit…wouldn’t you take it? — Melissa, 32, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Personal Chef, Hawaii

I have gotten FAR more than I ever thought possible I am over the moon so to speak. Everyone should come here, no matter who. Angel Farms is where it is all at. Come here Right now. — John, 68, Hawaii

Physical – I feel more energetic. Emotional – less stress. Spiritual – about the same. My spiritual life was pretty good before coming to Angel Farms. — Dick, 75, Consultant, Hawaii

I think I feel different inside and out. My feet feel less stiff. If you feeling poorly than by all means go to Cleanse. Everything is done with a lot of Love. — Kathleen, 79, Retired, Hawaii

Clear skin, eyes. No pain. No more Anger, stress or Anxiety. Feel better than ever before in My life. It’s the best thing you could ever give yourself. It’s worth every penny and everybody is worth it. — Sol, 41, Paraglider instructor, Hawaii

There is still couple spaces available in July Cleanse and August Cleanse is filling up pretty quick, so if you interested in the Cleanse feel free to call us 808-965-0781

Always In Love

Angel Farms

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