Graduate Cleanse Packages

Welcome Graduate Angels,

If it has been longer than 3 years and you have been unable to do maintenance, this Overhaul, (named by Kaliko) will reboot you back up to wholeness!  This Program is offered for those Angels that may need more than a few days or want to get pampered and tuned up like the first time.

These Cleanse Packages are offered to our returning Graduates only.


There are two options for you:

Option 1 — 10-day Cleanse

This Program includes:
10 Rebooting, Overhauling,
A private session with Cindy Sellers
A body work session from Larry Sellers
The daily awesome soups
The use of all the additional equipment to assist you back to your ten-ness

This does not include the additional body work and follow up supplements. These and more may be purchased at the end of your Overhaul if you choose.

Remember it is only the 10’s that can change the world, not the 9’s. — Cindy

If you have symptoms that went away on your Cleanse and anything has returned, then an Overhaul is highly recommended. Many Graduates have returned and found an even deeper level of transformation they had achieved on the first round. Not everyone needs this intensive, so if you are unsure, or would like more information to see if you qualify, please call 808-965-0781 or 415-890-6174. Aloha!

*Due to the limited space we can only take 2 Graduates for Overhauls per Cleanse.


Please use the Discount Code GRADUATE.

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Option 2 — 1-3 Day Graduate Cleanse

Your start and end date needs to be within the existing Cleanse calendar dates.

Please check the Cleanse Calendar above first to verify there is space in the Cleanse you want to attend. (Availability will show OPEN)

If you don’t require lodging, you can select “Off Site Accomodation”.

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