Educational Seminar: November 4th at California Wellness Institute

3 to 5 PM
California Wellness Institute
Brentwood Gardens
11677 San Vicente Blvd. Suite 301
LA 90049, CA

Find out about the Angel Farms unique 10-day Rejuvenating Cleanse and how to heal the body naturally. Learn more about this wonderful way to support the body’s own ability for healing. Bring your questions about diet and health; learn how a visit to Angel Farms can rid you of parasites, metals, toxins, and dis-ease. Cindy will share her own healing journey and explore important health issues.

In This Seminar You Will Learn About:

The Cleanse process

The importance of water for the body

The Doctrine of Food Signatures

The inter-relationships of the organs of the body

Simple nutrition and absorption of nutrients in the body

The importance of chewing your food

How Disease States Manifest: The Power of the Mind

Also Cindy Sellers will Preview Her New Book You Don’t Have to Hurt Anymore” about healthy life style and important keys how to keep balance in your body, mind and spirit!

All events are free to attend. Bring your friends and family.

For the past 22 years, Cindy and her husband Larry have helped over 5000 people, ages 3-97, from every walk of life. The result has been a steady stream of extraordinary healing miracles, which continues with every Cleanse. For more information, visit: or call 808-965-0781


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