John just got number one best company in 2009 in INC. magazine.  Way to go John!

Lynn Augstein

Cobalt Sun Gallery
 Dimensional Light Projection Artist
Utilizing light projectors, creative light splitting techniques and dimensional space Lynn Augstein creates stunningly beautiful installations and theatrical environments. Lynn has collaborated with electronic music artist Steve Roach in various performances including “Yes,” the gala opening for the Yoko Ono exhibit at SFMOMA in San Francisco, a large light installation piece, “Space Between” at SoMarts (San Francisco) and others. Extraordinarily innovative, Spirit driven and presented with great intent, Lynn’s work is born at her Cobalt Sun Gallery in Sausalito, CA where she also works in collaboration with sound sculptures and mix master Dwight Loop. Lynn’s goal is to bring light and color to the world on a scale never before experienced, including working in the health care industry, designing special light and color rooms for relaxation and healing.

Vickie Sorensen
Vickie Sorenson is a master herbalist and midwife based in Cedar City, Utah. Her knowledge of herbs is profound. Vickie’s formulas are time proven and incredibly effective. She is currently working on educational materials which help families develop a working knowledge of herbs to help their families be healthy. Cindy’s follow-up formula is manufactured by VS NatureWorks with love.  Vickie is also Cindy’s sister and is a master herbalist and midwife.

Sophia is one of the most amazing singers I have ever known. Her music has helped me be who I AM.  Every CD she has is great!

Dwight Loop
 Electronic music artist and music mix master, Dwight has recently released “Mystery’s River” a meditation on healing CD (available at His music ranges from meditative, ambient groove to deep cellular space (“Hunab Ku”). He currently collaborates with Lynn Augstein on creating music and light space installations and performances at Lynn’s Cobalt Sun Gallery (see above). Dwight is also a long-time radio host of “Earwaves,” a new and experimental music public radio program heard on public stations in New Mexico for 16 years.

BJ Penn

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