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Aloha Earth Angels, My book is Complete! Finally after 5 years. This book is one of a kind and has so many miracles and tools to help the world. Health is so important and understanding of the way to health is what this book is about. This is the full body, mind, and spirit connection that you have been waiting for, for yourself and your family. This is the best gift you can give your Ohana! You can order it on or this week and save $5.00 with the code on the site. I have a brochure to download from the site you can pass on to others. If you would like me to schedule a book signing and meetings in your area please let me know so I can schedule this. This book is a keeper! Let me know how it touches you. Always in love, Cindy

Please help me get this book to Amazon Number One by purchasing as many books as possible and we can take this book to a global level! With your help we can do this! Feel free to pass the brochure and information to everyone you know. If everyone could order a book sometime you can help us be number one! We are offering a $5.00 off discount (Enter Coupon Code: XK7PEDN4 on Checkout) as a great incentive toown a copy of this incredible book! You Don’t Have To Hurt Anymore will help everyone you know be educated on the body, mind, and spirit connections and how to stay healthy in an unhealthy world. Give this book to everyone on your list that you really love; they will be thankful. Always in love, Cindy


“This handbook for health contains fresh, simple and invaluable information to help experience complete vitality and well-being.” —Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author, Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason

“Since 1989, Cindy Sellers has been instrumental in healing. As dis-ease is replaced with ease, and emotional balance renewed, the person involved allows themselves to return to a place of wholeness and well-being.”


Through her amazing firsthand experience with a back injury, Cindy knew what it was like to shift from being unhealthy – to fully renewed health. Since 1989, she has assisted thousands in the same healing path. This has led Cindy to write about it. After 5,000 accomplishments with individuals, it is a story to be told, and a story that people will want to read!


Cindy’s success with her healing center in Hawaii was from word of mouth, and those same people who have been spreading the word about the healing center, have been asking Cindy to write a book for years. It is written. It will be a major seller. Upon your review,
I trust you will agree.


This book will educate you and change your life! I know you will love it and so will your friends and family.


An Excerpt from Chapter 3 for you to enjoy.

Do You Know You Can Heal The Heart & LungYour Heart and Know
Your Purpose?

I am important. I am wanted.

Now let’s talk about your miraculous lungs! The lungs
combined are one of your largest organs. The trachea
connects with each lung. The lungs are 2 sizes; the left lung is
smaller than the right to allow room for the heart. The lungs are
protected by the rib cage. The functions they do for your body are
inspiration: diaphragm contracts (moves down rib cage expand
lungs- volume increases) and expiration: diaphragm relaxes (moves up rib cage retracts, lung volume decreases). Look how Inspired you are (In Spirit) every time you

BREATHE! Did you know Precious One, that on average, you breathe 23,000 times a day. You take about 600 million breaths during your lifetime! The lungs are about purpose: your “inspiration” in life. Your purpose is your inspiration! How do you understand what your purpose is? First you
understand who you are. You are a seed of God walking on earth. You were created in the likeness and image of God, and God is love
and so are you. Just understanding this helps you out of depression. If you have depression, it’s because you are questioning your purpose.
Many of you have come to Angel Farms feeling invisible and non-existent. The belief that you are non-existent or invisible was created before you even took your first breath of life! Have you ever felt like you don’t exist on earth? Have you ever felt invisible? Have you ever felt others were more important than you? Maybe you decided, “If it’s going to be this hard, I’m not going to do it.” Depression is a check out or escape tool. You heard yourself say: ‘I am here, I am here,’ and your brain says ‘no you are not.’ You crash, hard, and then have to drag yourself up again sooner or later, only to crash again! Depression disappears when we remember it is
written: Mankind is created to have great joy! It doesn’t say great sorrow, struggle, manipulation, and control. It says great JOY! Why not! Try it, you might like it! Joy and happiness are a choice. Did you know that? You are here to master your love. You are here to awaken your Christed self and to love. Jesus the Christ, was a master teacher of love. He walked Christed. So can you! You are here to be a lover like God! You are on purpose, you always have been on purpose and if not you then who and if not now then when? Beloved Angel, you are the one we have been waiting for.

© Cindy Sellers All Rights Reserved.



Aloha Everyone, Here is a message from a Graduate you will love.

Hello Dear Friends and Family,

Excitement is in the air, as Cindy Sellers, of the Angel Farms cleanse in Hawaii, has completed her book, titled “You Don’t Have to Hurt Anymore”. After 20+ years of providing a cleanse environment that has allowed people to heal and rejuvenate (around 5,000 people have gone through the cleanse, including some of us)…Cindy has written her experience into book form, completed with illustrations and stories of healings, healings, healings!

My Dad healed from stage 4 cancer, by participating in the Cleanse. That was almost 6 years ago. No drama, just healing. Done.

The book Launching is on December 15th. Cindy is offering a 4-day special, of $5 off each copy of the book. I have seen the draft version of the information, and I highly endorse the book and the author. Cindy is a dear friend and associate, who is living her ‘Dream’, of sharing the Miracles and Healings she has witnessed.

Sent in Love,


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