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Introduction: Audio

Chapter 1: How Does Judgment and Criticism 
Affect Your Kidneys and Your Life?
AUDIO Excerpt
TEXT: The Importance of Water

Chapter 2: What Does Love Have to Do 
With A Healthy Immune System?
AUDIO Excerpt

Chapter 3: Do You Know You Can Heal 
Your Heart and Know Your Purpose?
AUDIO Excerpt
TEXT: The Lungs

Chapter 4: Your Amazing Digestive System 
and How To Keep It Healthy
AUDIO Excerpt

Chapter 5: Your Amazing Brain 
and The 100% Wisdom Within!
AUDIO Excerpt
Chapter 6: What You Think and Believe 
About Yourself Affects Your Health
AUDIO Excerpt

Chapter 7: What Kind of Records 
Are You Holding In Your Liver?
AUDIO Excerpt

Chapter 8: 8 Master Herbs and Important Minerals
AUDIO Excerpt

Chapter 9: The Responsibility of Being 
An Earth Angel
AUDIO Excerpt

Chapter 10: Using This Knowledge in Your Daily Life
AUDIO Excerpt

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