Award Winning Book

Aloha Earth Angels,

This book will challenge your beliefs and perceptions about life and who you are!  
Are you truly ready to 
change your life and not hurt anymore? Find answers to questions you have always wanted and needed to know to be very healthy, Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally. This is the best gift you can give yourself or your Ohana! Miracles Happen!

You Don’t Have To Hurt Anymore will help everyone you know learn about body, mind, and spirit connections and how to stay healthy in an unhealthy world. Give this book to everyone on your list that you really love; they will be thankful.
Let me know how it touches you.

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Always in love,

 Book Audio and Written Excerpts


Chapter 1:  How Does Judgment and Criticism 
Affect Your Kidneys and Your Life?  TEXT

Chapter 2:  What Does Love Have to Do 
With A Healthy Immune System?

Chapter 3:  Do You Know You Can Heal 
Your Heart and Know Your Purpose?  TEXT

Chapter 4: Your Amazing Digestive System 
and How To Keep It Healthy

Chapter 5:  Your Amazing Brain 
and The 100% Wisdom Within!

Chapter 6:  What You Think and Believe 
About Yourself Affects Your Health

Chapter 7:  What Kind of Records 
Are You Holding In Your Liver?

Chapter 8:  Eight Master Herbs and Important Minerals

Chapter 9:  The Responsibility of Being 
An Earth Angel

Chapter 10: Using This Knowledge in Your Daily Life


Cindy Sellers became a Healer in 1989 after reversing a back injury from a car wreck. She has assisted thousands of Angels in making the transition from fear to Love for over 23 years. She has witnessed the importance of including emotional and spiritual healing with colon hydrotherapy.


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All Island Naturals stores on The Big Island
Pahoa, Hilo and Kona



“This handbook for health contains fresh, simple and invaluable information to help experience complete vitality and well-being.” —Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author, Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason

“Since 1989, Cindy Sellers has been instrumental in healing. As dis-ease is replaced with ease, and emotional balance renewed, the person involved allows themselves to return to a place of wholeness and well-being.”

“Through her amazing firsthand experience with a back injury, Cindy knew what it was like to shift from being unhealthy – to fully renewed health. Since 1989, she has assisted thousands in the same healing path. This has led Cindy to write about it. After 5,000 accomplishments with individuals, it is a story to be told, and a story that people will want to read!”

“Cindy’s success with her healing center in Hawaii was from word of mouth, and those same people who have been spreading the word about the healing center, have been asking Cindy to write a book for years. It is written. It will be a major seller. Upon your review,I trust you will agree.”

“This book will educate you and change your life! I know you will love it and so will your friends and family.”


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