April Update

Aloha Everyone,

Cindy’s book “You Don’t Have to Hurt Anymore” now available on Kindle!  


Cindy’s Book Receives Award

We are proud to anounce that Cindy’s book recieved an honorable mention, 3rd place,  in the “How-To” category in both Great Northwest and Great Southwest Book Festivals.


Conference Calls

Conference calls on Thursday the 4th and Friday the 5th at 2 pm Hawaii time.  Number is 610-214-0000  access code is 464606#  We will cover the details of the Cleanse and will answer your questions.  All Graduates of Angel Farms are invited to share.



Some testimonials for you to enjoy:

Physically I felt bloated and exhausted. I suspected my liver was compromised but found out it has been “hammered”!  I’ve learned to love and respect my liver and also see how it mirrors how I can operate in this world- always giving… My kidneys have been cleansed and the bloating has gone. I feel like I am giving a lot back to my body in thanks for all the hard work it has done for me over the years. I’ve lost the fear about my body and am learning to love it.  It’s great to let go of the “crap”, literally and feel lighter. I’ve learned a lot to add to my repertoire of knowledge about the body, its organs and how everything works together. I feel more rested and loving.  Take the plunge- it’s wonderful to let go of the weight we carry around needlessly. — Tina, 55,London-psychotherapist


I felt like I was dying and I couldn’t even stand up straight. I was crying all the time. Now I have gotten taller and am smiling more. I am feeling nourished from the Cleanse and the soups. I feel the strength and confidence to just be me and not judge myself. There is peace in my heart because I have tools to carry 24/7 to help me.  Do it. This is the most comprehensive Cleanse worldwide. You will receive tons of support, encouragement, love, knowledge, and all of this will enable you to grow positively in all areas of your life. You cannot NOT improve and get better! — Lori, 59, California


I feel connected to the bigger picture in life. Let go and be light. An absolute guarantee to better understand  how the body operates, especially digestion.  As my colon cleansed I felt lighter and spiritually awake. Being healthy and happy is quite simple-drink pure water, be love and keep your pipes clean! The body is brilliant, treat it with love and its wisdom will shine! — Katie, California


Better overall health-lowered blood pressure, no pain in hands or legs-face lines around eyes have diminished, skin tones balanced and flushed-more even tones-lost 10 pounds. Seems to be more connection to source, I feel more centered and peaceful. Food choices changed, condiments accepted as food additives changed. I feel more whole. Everyone here at Angel Farms was amazingly loving and helpful. It’s good for no matter what ails you-no matter what that is you will improve. The Cleanse is the best spiritual, mental and physical experience I have had to date-very inspiring. Do it for your highest self. Do it for your clearest self. Do it for your most peaceful self. Do it for most loving self. — John, California-coach


I feel amazing. My appreciation of the human/emotional body and it’s relation to the colon and liver is PHENOMENAL!:)  Knowing your colon and its connection to the organs and emotions are the foundation of health. — Mischa, California-marketing


In my physical body I feel more revived, muscles more relaxed, no more joint pain in hips and shoulders. And most amazingly my stomach or gut doesn’t hurt or cramp up anymore. Also my breath and vision has improved immensely. Emotionally I feel more stable, happier and now I feel like I can make better decisions about my limitations, even choices of what to eat. I am definitely more grateful for my time on this earth, my life, my mind and the things that I am doing in the moment. My life values have deepened so much more. I feel way more connected with God and there is a definite deeper communication with God. I more often communicate with Him and other people now, and I feel like people are feeling the change within me and also communicating in a more loving way. Please take this journey into freedom of all that worries and burdens your life force. — Melanie, Maui-graphic designer



I feel lighter, and better physically.  Breathing cleared and I have lost weight. I notice the physical letting go of the ‘crap’ inside is helpful in seeing that I was holding on to stuff. I have learned to love my body and thank it. My life is amazing. More open hearted (to self and others) everybody should do it!  You need to have an open mind and an open heart.

Ned, London-consultant


Always in love,

Cindy and the Team

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