About The Cleanse

This Cleanse is written in the Dead Sea Scrolls as the Baptism from Within.

Angel Farms is very unique and special. This amazing program was developed by Cindy Sellers by listening to Spirit and being guided. This Cleanse is truly awesome.

A 10 – 12 Day Complete Cleansing Process That Addresses the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

This Cleanse helps your body catch up to your consciousness. Angel Farms offers you The Cleanse™, the transformational process you have been looking for all your life! At Angel Farms we have combined many age old processes and techniques to create one of the most comprehensive and amazing Premiere Cleanses in the world. Due to Cindy Mahealani Sellers extensive experience, this program is like none other in the world!
During the Cleanse, we offer many therapies to assist your body, mind, and spirit in the most complete transformational process available. We nourish you according to Cindy’s Doctrine of Food Signatures Program ©. This is not a starvation Cleanse! We have been starved enough by bad absorption and nutrition. It is time for the body to receive the good nutrition that you feed it and not feed other things! You will finish the Cleanse with a new outlook on life and a new understanding of yourself and how to get aligned with the person you are now, unfolding your wings and becoming the one we have been waiting for! You are worth it!


Cindy and her team have personally witnessed over 10,000 miracles in 35 years!
Real miracles!


AngelFarms7 Angel Farms is very unique and special program that opens a way for health challenges on all levels to be relieved.This Cleanse is written in the Dead Sea Scrolls as the Baptism from Within. You too can be Free!
All Cleanses start with an Orientation Meeting at Angel Farms, on a Sunday, at 4:30 PM. Anyone interested in our program is welcome to attend this meeting! The Cleansing portion of the Program and our amazing food service begins the following day, on a Monday.


DISCLAIMER: You will find SIDE EFFECTS that happen at Angel Farms listed throughout our website, e-newsletters, and all our copyrighted material. We are not doctors. We educate and empower each individual to allow their own miracles and healing to  happen for themselves by Cleansing their body/temple with our unique and patented program. Healing, regeneration, health conditions “magically” gone, such as diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain, chronic headaches, brain fogginess, and others listed on this site and on all Angel Farms copyrighted materials are just SIDE EFFECTS. We do not nor have we ever claimed we cure diseases and conditions. When the body is Cleansed, miracles DO happen and we expect miracles to happen. Everyone does get a miracle at Angel Farms, and everyone has their own unique experience and journey to wholeness.

Your 10 – 12 Day Cleanse includes the following & more:

• An in depth Orientation and Welcome Meeting that is offered the day before the actual Cleanse process begins to answer all your questions and get you started.

• Daily education about your body and how it works
• Personal consultation regarding your current seen and unseen needs including Iridology

• Two nutritious soft food meals provided per day plus other goodies our wonderful cook provides

• Before and after pictures

• A customized “dessert” containing key herbs and nutrients

• Personalized body function Cleanses depending on additional issues you may have such as a kidney cleanse or mucus-less cleanses

• Private Transitional Inner Child Transitional Therapy Session with Cindy Sellers; also includes 3 other incredible sessions as well

• In depth nutritional counseling as well as significant “30-Day Follow-up Care and Maintenance Education” written instructions for your NEW body

• A take-home package of vitamins, minerals and other vital supplements valued at over $200 to support the massive regeneration of your body for the first 30 days.

• A copy of Cindy’s Award winning book You Don’t Have To Hurt Anymore
• A Celebration Graduation following your Cleanse to honor your New You and additional surprises that help facilitate your spiritual and physical transformation.

*Please email us to join a free informational call to learn more about what is included and price.*

Additional group activities (weather and time permitting)

These activities vary but may include a group visit to:

– one of the volcanoes

– local hand made ice cream parlor

– farmer’s market

Transitional Therapy, or Inner Child Session

Each Angel experiences a private Inner Child Transitional Therapy session with Cindy Mahealani Sellers. Cindy has over 250 thousand hours in this therapy, because it WORKS! This therapy has had profound results for thousands of people by helping them clear up childhood misperceptions. Cindy has found over the years that we, as adults, live in fear and pain because we believe non-truths we learned before we were 8 years old. These childhood perceptions negatively affect our lives as we find ourselves making decisions from a place of feeling unloved, unwanted, stupid, bad, powerless, unsafe, not good enough, non-existent or invisible, not important, inadequate, alone, or separate. Also, a spiritual connection with Source is forgotten due to birth issues. By clearing these issues, the body is able to release cellular memory of trauma and pain, which assists the body in its rejuvenation and healing. Every client who has participated in the Angel Farms Cleansing Program has found this Transitional Therapy essential to their healing. Come join me on a journey and find out why. “Suffer the little children to come unto me and the truth shall set you free.”

Angel Food

During the process, you will be able to eat soft foods in plenty. This is not a deprivation Cleansing Program! Eating soft foods during the Cleanse is very important because the body needs to energy along with nutrition for the regenerating process. Every time we eat, our body uses 85% of its energy to digest the food. That’s why you’re not supposed to swim after you eat, right? Eating soft foods only takes your body 5% of its energy to digest the food. Thus, 80% of your energy is used for regeneration of your body. Also, much of the body has been starving in areas we were not aware of, due to lack of proper nutrient assimilation. Soft foods will provide the body with nutrients in an easier absorbable form.

As part of The Cleanse, you will learn all about the Cindy’s Doctrine of Food Signatures, and how to select specific foods to nourish particular parts of your body and mind. In nature, many foods resemble the parts of the body that they nourish. For example, a slice of carrot looks like an eye, and carrots support your eye sight. Similarly, walnuts and pecans, which look like little brains, feed and nourish your brain. The Angel Farms Food Program is specially designed to feed and regenerate the specific parts of your body being Cleansed each day. Angel Farms invites you to partake of the organic and vegetarian food during your Cleansing experience.


Our program helps people out of pain when they are ready to release it. Haven’t you hurt enough?

“Come and experience what peace and freedom can bring into your life.”

– Cindy Mahealani Sellers

Please be aware that many try to copy Angel Farms program. I have been helping Angels return to health and vitality for over 35 years and I have many, many hours of experience. If you understand your Worth and want the Best, this is IT! I am a Spiritual healer first. I am also excellent at getting to the CAUSE of the problem and the symptoms then disappear! Gone! The emotional and Spiritual part are every bit as important as the physical. At Angel Farms you get it All. Ask questions and find the most experienced therapist that helps you feel safe. I wish only the best for you all! Please contact us to see if the person who is offering a Cleanse program really trained with Cindy Mahealani Sellers.

King Solomon said that if you are doing something great people will try to copy you. I do honor their desire to help others, I just would like them to have integrity and stop using Angel Farms or Cindy Sellers information without training or permission. If it mimics Angel Farms 10-12 day Cleansing Program or Doctrine of Food Signature Program you know where they got it. They changed their own lives through the Cleanse and then stepped out of integrity and called it their own. How do you help someone to wholeness when you do not walk it yourself? Mahalo Cindy Mahealani Sellers.

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