—by Fern Manning (True Story)
I was invited to a party.
That’s quite unique for us.
The only thing that was required
was to be 90 years old and plus.
Since I had all the qualifications
and I’m vertical to-day,
thought I’d go check it out,
and hear what they had to say.
I got dressed up the best I could,
and put on matching shoes.
I even had a pedicure,
for me that is good news.
I got in my silver Camry,
and drove straight up the street
to the Senior Citizen Center,
where all the old folks meet.
I was seated at a table,
with flowers, balloons and such,
they soon brought over four old men,
so that made five of us.
One old guy said he had rested
for three days in advance.
He wanted to make sure he got there,
didn’t want o take a chance.
He said his hearing was impaired,
to that there was no doubt.
He was glad his eye sight was fairly good
He wanted to check all the women out.
He said to me-“Do you drive a car?”
I said, “Why yes I do”
He said, I’m really glad to know that sweetie,
now I can ride with you.
I didn’t like that very much,
so I thought I’d set him straight
I said, “That’s never going to happen friend”
no need for you to wait.
A lady who was 99
Came and sat down next tome
She took the Mic and sang a song
she was sharp as she could be
She sang a song from olden times,
about some silk and lace,
It would have sounded better,
if her false teeth had stayed in place.
They served us lunch, that was pretty good,
the hamburger and potato type
I think the broccoli was over cooked
cause it was almost white.
There was a box of oranges sitting there,
the sign on the box said “take”
If you were lucky enough to be 90
you could have a piece of cake.
I made some brand new friends to-day
they were friendly from the start,
no matter how old the body gets,
we are all still young at heart.
I started home with a grateful heart
and said a little prayer,
I said, “Thank you lord for keeping me safe,
and out of that wheel chair.
If God is willing and I’m still here
I’d like to have the chance
to attend the party next year,
think maybe I’ll do a dance.

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