What Is An Angel?

Excerpt from Cindy Seller’s New Book:

You Don’t Have To Hurt Anymore
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Throughout the book, I refer to each and every one of you as an “Angel”, because that is how I know you! What is an Angel? A celestial being with all the knowledge of the universe! I truly believe that all things are possible and that is why I am a Miracle Junkie. I know that you have loved even when it has been hard. You are an Angel! I know what your love is worth and how important you are. I know the absolute good that you are. I know the wisdom you carry, 100%. I know why you are here. I know how many walk with you and how honored they are to do so. I know how bright you shine. I know how powerful you are. I know that you are safe and wanted in this world. I know you are a seed of God walking on earth, blessing it with every step you take and every breath you breathe. I have witnessed many people literally transform their body,mind, and spirit over the years. What amazing miracles I have been able to witness! I am educated mostly by God and by life and by listening, although I absolutely have had many great teachers! I am honored to know where their work has blossomed through me.This book is to help you know what I know about how very special you are to the Creator and to the World. Bless you and your Great Love.

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    Gabriela Permenter says

    Thank You Cindy for coming with your family to Fort Bragg all those years ago. I have continues to cleanse myself. We feel SO GOOD!! Thank You for your Love, Teaching me how to take care myself, My BODY, MY HEALTH and Yes you and Larry really helped me with Anger issues. Yes I am an Angel and I am so Blessed to have been reminded of this. God Bless You! I am so Proud of YOU and Your Family and All Who Believe, Angel Farms ROCK!!

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