Upcoming Cleanses:


May 21st to May 31st

June 11th to June 21st

July 9th to July 19th

July 31 to Aug. 10th

Sept. 3rd to Sept 13th

Oct 1st to Oct 11th

Oct 18th Cindy and Larry’s 37th Wedding Anniversary! 

Nov. 5th to Nov. 15th

Nov. 23rd Thanksgiving-We all have so much to be thankful for. 

Dec. 3rd to Dec. 13th 

Happy 2018!  

Jan. 7th to Jan. 17th.  

Feb. 18th to Feb. 28th

This  is not just a Cleanse down the street. Cindy and her crew wake up the sleeping God/Goddess/Love in you!

Awaken “The-Angel-in-You”

Awaken “The-Angel-in-You” at Angel Farms Cleansing and Rejuvenation and Education Center. We offer a 10-day premier transformation of your Body, Mind and Spirit. You will journey deep into yourself and remember your truth. You will discover the Powerful, Creative Being that you are, raising your vibration to a Clarity of Purpose and Peace in your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Our program helps people out of pain when they are ready to release it. Haven’t you hurt enough?  With 27 years experience and over 6000 Graduated Angels from all over the world, we can help you find peace and happiness again.

 “So far it feels life changing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  They feel all one.  My body has changed-skin tone, weight loss, energy levels. I feel a lot lighter on every level. I feel very touched by the whole experience.  I really appreciate the amount of work and guidance invested in Angel Farms program and the deep level it brings to our lives-it’s many lifetimes of work!!” — Meredith 37, Professor

Angel Farms Ministry is “The place where Angels come to remember who they are.” by Cindy Mahealani Sellers

“I have learned a number of important tools to use in my daily life.  Some of them I have read before but I feel like I understand them more than just intellectually now.  The book You Don’t Have to Hurt Anymore is fantastic and full of amazing insights, stories, and teachings.  I now feel a stronger tie to nature and sense how it lives and dies by its nature, without permission from anyone.  Emotionally I feel a sense of space around my fears.  I recognize my mind’s tendency to hijack my experiences for itself.  I realize that my challenges with others are lessons for myself.  Physically I feel softer in the abdominal region, really healthy, and my eyes look clearer and brighter.  The whole experience of Angel Farms Cleanse is surrounded by a powerful soft and loving space.  This enables what seems like a difficult experience to be gentle and natural.  What better place to experience such transformation than this part of Hawaii!  I realized that relationships between people is not about grasping for energy between two people as much as about one spirit helping another.”

Scott, Self-Employed.  N.  Vancouver, BC

The program also has an Orientation Meeting before each Cleanse to inform “Angels” of the day-to-day mechanics of The Cleanse. The Cleanse is followed by a Graduation Ceremony in which we film the miracles and  they celebrate their new, awesome, selves.  We have thousands of miracles filmed.

Transitional inner child therapy works hand in hand with the 10-day Cleanse. This is One of the reasons we are so successful in our transformational work at Angel Farms. Cindy will take you back to before you were 8 years old, using relaxation techniques. This helps clear emotional issues that challenge your life now. This process is one of self-realization and empowerment, helping “Angels” know that their choices and challenges are not to be judged, but honored.  This session is one of  the unique therapies that only Angel Farms uses to clear old belief systems that really open the way to true healing.
Cindy has over 150,000 hours in this awesome transformative therapy! This is one of the reasons we are so successful.  We get to the core/cause of the issue and correct it. 

From Cindy’s session: “FINALLY! After a lifetime of counseling and therapy, Cindy finally did what no other could do. She taught me something infinitely wonderful…she taught me how to love myself and how to forgive those whom I’ve been angry at for 30 plus years. She also taught me that the past is my past life and I only have to live in this very moment. This session healed wounds on the inside and the outside as well. It was truly a new beginning that I will carry into the rest of this life.”

CJ, CA, 41
Our program includes specific nutritional foods each day. We follow Cindy’s “Doctrine of  Food Signatures”program such as: pecans and walnuts look like a brain; therefore, they feed and nourish the brain. We include these ingredients when we are cleansing the transverse colon that feeds the brain. For examples: carrot/eyes, onions and garlic/lungs, celery/bones, etc. You will love my Doctrine of Food Signatures chart!  Our yummy soft foods nutritional program speeds up the rejuvenation process because this food is easily identified and absorbed by the body.  We witness people getting younger every day.  Wrinkles disappear, eyes change – irises get clearer and whites get whiter(increased oxygen). Often, hair changes from gray to full color in 10 days! Really!

“Physically I came here with a life threatening challenge and I know it is gone! Gout problems gone, stroke level blood pressure now constantly with an ok range. Emotionally I am very focused on what I am about (Loving others) in their participation in becoming whole. Spiritually I now know at a cellular level that I am loved by God-What a gift to receive the gift of Faith. Life to me is a process. This was a 10 day holistic healing process. I can finally personally relate to Jesus saying ” You must be born again to enter the kingdom of Heaven. and when you are walking around Heaven’s Gate here on Earth what more is there? I have seen the light! The Inner Session with Cindy healed lifetime wounds that caused me to be stuck (signature from the past) this was such a moment of honesty it could not help but be absorbed by love.”

Ken (Idaho) cancer free and gout free

You will learn ways to keep your body, mind, and Spirit at peace and in harmony with each other and the world.

Check out Cindy’s Doctrine of Food Signature Chart you can order on this site!


Please read the incredible article by our Graduate Kumu Hula Paul Neves in the Paradise Post.
He has linked Angel Farms and The Cleanse to the Heartbeat of the Hawaiian People.  What an honor!  Health and Vitality are truly remarkable gifts.

Be sure to add a couple of days just in case you need more time to Cleanse. We are in it All the way!