Cindy Mahealani Sellers

Spiritual Teacher Author-You Don’t Have to Hurt Anymore-The Enlightened Way to Health Certified member of IIPA 
(International Iridology Practitioners Association) Certified Member International College of Iridology 2007 and 2013 Keynote Speaker, 8th and 11th Annual International Iridology & Healthcare Congress Acquired Herbal Wisdom with Master Herbalists Experienced Native American Spirituality  (Hopi & Lakota) Studied Iridology & Nutrition with Dr. Bernard Jensen Dr. Liz Atchison-Cindy’s teacher Practiced more Herbalism with Theresa Schumacher, Herbalist Practiced more Herbalism with Dr. John Christopher, Herbalist Studied with Hawaiian Herbalism with  Dr Ohi at Lihue Community College Explored The Alchemy of Herbs with Ruth Young, Herbalist…


Amy Altman

Amy is our head tech at Angel Farms and will take very good care of you. She also healed from a difficult journey and holds a space for you to heal.  She also handles the daily schedule for all your treatments at Angel Farms.  She keeps our supplies in order and manages our staff and training.

Larry Sellers

Larry Sellers is one of the most incredible body workers most people have ever experienced.  We call him our Master Relaxer.  He will teach you how to really relax even in difficult situations.  Many experienced body workers are amazed at his ability to relax tight necks, shoulders, hips, and relieve headaches and body pain very quickly and safely.  He and Cindy are in their 36 year of marriage and they can help you save your relationship in classes offered by Larry and Cindy.


Shara Berta

Shara has been with our team for many years. She has been a miracle junkie almost as long as Cindy and Larry. She has begun to assist the soon-to-be angels get their last minute questions answered, booking completed, assistance in travel plans, and more. She also does our media and marketing and loves taking pictures of Hawaii and our amazing property to share with you on facebook and instagram. Make sure to follow us!      

Kaliko Kanele

Kaliko is our Native Hawaii hands on healer.  He is our technician that brings the essence of Hawaii to your healing.