Styrofoam Awareness

By Cindy Mahealani Sellers author of “You Don’t Have To Hurt Anymore”

Download: Styrofoam Awareness.pdf
Styrofoam (Styrene) is used extensively in the manufacture of plastics, rubber and resins. Everyone is exposed to Styrofoam!

I encourage you to download this, print it and hand it out to everyone as well as share it in your social networks. 

© Cindy Sellers



Image: http://www.greenmi.net/why-ban-polystyrene-styrofoam/


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    donna says

    I’m sleeping on a memory foam mattress and tho I know it’s not exactly styrofoam, I can’t help but wonder if there are some similar effects as it breaks down?

    Also, wondering if there’s anything we can do to prevent styrofoam from getting into our tissues, or to get it out?


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      admin says

      Memory foam and Styrofoam are not the same. The Cleanse at Angel Farms does get the toxins out of the liver, kidneys, and tissue in the body, The only other way I recommend to everyone is just refuse to participate by not paying for it in any way. Including take home containers, and cups on airlines, etc. When enough of us tell the businesses why we will not support them if they choose to carry Styrofoam in their stores it will stop! Mahalo for caring!

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    admin says

    I just discovered that the Island of Maui and the Island of Oahu are moving to ban styrofoam on the islands!! I had hoped the Big Island would lead the way. Bless those who are standing up to make a difference for our children and the world. Cindy

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