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Review: Thank you for the gift of “You don’t have to hurt anymore”

I’m writing to thank you for the gift of “You don’t have to hurt anymore”. I recently completed reading it and now will surely use it as a valuable ongoing reference book, it’s so filled with such great value. I think it’s the first book of it’s type, (and I’ve read a few) that I just couldn’t put down, the adventure through the body as you write it is engaging and facinating. I was left with a certainty that to do the cleanse at Angel farms would offer nothing less that miracles, and yet those new perspectives can begin right now with what I’ve learned or remembered from your writings. Things like foods to eat each day, and the reminder to drink plenty of water, just to name a couple and there are many more. Thank you again for your love of Angels and your generous contribution, I know that you did not do this alone and my gratitude and appreciation goes to all that are involved in this great offering. Love and Hugs, Jim

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