Upcoming Cleanses:

All Cleanses start with an Orientation Meeting at 4:30 PM. The Program begins the next day.

All Cleanse bookings are done through our secure online system at Retreat Guru.

May 21st to May 31st

June 11th to June 21st

July 9th to July 19th

July 31 to Aug. 10th

Sept. 3rd to Sept 13th

Oct 1st to Oct 11th

Oct 18th Cindy and Larry’s 37th Wedding Anniversary! 

Nov. 5th to Nov. 15th

Nov. 23rd Thanksgiving-We all have so much to be thankful for. 

Dec. 3rd to Dec. 13th 

Happy 2018!  

Jan. 7th to Jan. 17th.  

Feb. 18th to Feb. 28th

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*When paying the FULL balance all at once for your Cleanse, Use discount code Mahalo at the time of registration and receive $200 off.  

****This offer is only good for one time payment. Please contact Angel Farms for any questions.****

*Graduates: Use code OVERHAUL if you have already done The Cleanse with Cindy Sellers in the last 27 years only!  Cindy has not forgotten one of you.  Come home and Reboot your Temple !

You too can have a new beginning in your temple/body. You are the one we have been waiting for and you are Worth It! Blessings.


Be ready for a Miracle!

Note: All Cleanses are open to Spirit Changes – dates may shift. Once your Cleanse Date is set, Please make travel arrangements to arrive at least 1 day prior and stay two days after The Cleanse (in case you need extra days of Cleansing). This will make the transition easier and more profound. Also on the last day of The Cleanse there is a graduation party for the new, whole you to experience and enjoy. Dolphins may be calling. Call our scheduling office at 415-890-6174 for more.