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I became a colon hydro therapist because in 1983 my husband and I were in a car accident. I was 3 months pregnant and had one child 14 months old. I incurred serious injuries to my back. The pain worsened until, in 1989, I had reached the end of my strength and so was inspired to call a lady whom I thought was a massage therapist.

She started me on a colon cleansing program the following day. Ten days later my back was straight, and I was finished with pain. I became my first miracle. I trained with her and became her last student. Thus evolved Angel Farms Cleansing and Rejuvenation Center, currently based on the Big Island of Hawaii, near Hilo.

I have assisted thousands of Angels in making the transition from fear to Love for over 26 years. I have witnessed the importance of including emotional and spiritual healing with colon hydrotherapy. I see the colon as a doorway to God. Angel Farms’ program is a holistic approach to cleansing of the body, mind, and spirit.
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