Angel Farms Q & A

Remember Beloved,
Angel Farms is much more than just a Cleanse down the street.  I know is seems hard to come all the way to Big Island of Hawaii to change your life.

It is worth the effort. 


Q. What does the Cleanse Include?

A. Please visit this link to see the details on what is included in The Cleanse.


Q. What to do if you need financial help?

A. Just say Thank You I Am Worth It! YES, You Are Worth it and so is this Cleanse!   Write it down in your most beautiful handwriting with lots of color. Put it up in your bedroom so you see it day and night. You are stating a vibratory command to The Creator/God/Love. In your beginning you said to God that when you are ready to be the clearest vessel and really show up to make a difference in the world, God would show up and support you. It matters to the world that you are clear. You are the One we have been waiting for! We have countless Angels who have been supported miraculously. Many who have been sick for many years are now well due to the support of Spirit. (One lady, after a terrible stroke, did the Cleanse and 10 days later she got her drivers license renewed again! She said, “if anybody tells you this Cleanse is expensive, you tell them I will send them one bill of an 11 mile ambulance ride, which is double what your Cleanse is!” )


Q. Do I need to put in my deposit?

A. Yes! Your non refundable deposit of $1500.00 will confirm you on the Cleanse of your choice, subject to availability. Book early for your choice Cleanse dates! Or you can save $200.00 if you pay it all at once.


Q. Why would I need this Cleanse?

A. The accumulation in your body, mind, and spirit from years of life can cause toxic health effects. We all need assistance in helping in the raising of the vibration in the body/temple. Angel Farms is the baptism from within. If you are looking for Enlightenment/Consciousness in your life, Angel Farms is the missing link.   This Cleanse helps your body catch up to your Consciousness. The testimonials of Graduates talk about lightness in the body clearness and quietness in the mind, and connection to Spirit as life transforming.  With increased senses, removal or prevention of pain and disease, wrinkles and gray hair changing, candida and yeast cleared, empowered, happy, rested, and HEALTHY.  How long do you think you have to hurt?  What is Your miracle worth?


Q. Does this Cleanse hurt?

A. Some people do have cramping when they  have difficulty letting go and we can help them through that.  Some go to sleep!


Q. Is it private and safe?

A. Yes. All of the rooms are private and sweet and we hold privacy sacred here.


Q. What is the difference between an enema and colon hydrotherapy?

A. Enemas use a couple of quarts of water that are held in the colon. It’s important to NEVER hold anything in your colon because of the way it stretches the bowel wall. Colon hydrotherapy uses more water and can still be released at your will. We do NOT do colonics!


Q. Can colon hydrotherapy be dangerous?

A. Not at Angel Farms, because you always can release, even your bladder and kidneys can let go.  There is no pressure and this is your journey.  Your life.  If we do not feel safe we can not let go!  Again, Angel Farms does not do colonics.  Cindy will not do colonics.


Q. How big is the tip that will be used? How far does it go in?

A. The tip is smaller than a pencil, and you put it in, not us. Privacy is held sacred here at Angel Farms. The tip doesn’t go in very far, because it’s the water that does the work, not the tip.


Q. Does the water get into the small intestine?

A. No.


Q. How do I replace my flora?

A. Every day, Angel Farms gives you “dessert” back into your colon. This is an important way we keep balanced due to the fact your large intestine is specifically designed for bacterial/flora breakdown.


Q. How do I remain clean after the cleanse?

A. We will teach you a maintenance program to keep your body clean and clear at home for the rest of your life. Angel Farms is a very self empowering program!


Q. What can I eat? Will I be hungry?

A. You will not go hungry on this Cleanse. You can eat almost everything you want, as long as it’s soft, baby food consistency. You will be fed yummy soups after your Cleanse every day, and you take some back to your place daily. You will see for yourself where you have not been absorbing things and which area of the body got hungry.  Food is important for healing and rebuilding.  Not starvation.


Q. Is the food organic and locally grown?

A. Of course! We use local Hawaiian foods, some grown here on property and others from local passionate farmers.


Q. What are the additional expenses that I should plan for?

A.  You may want to supplement with eggs, smoothies, or vegetable juices if you want. You may want to buy a smoothie at one of the two smoothie bars located just a short walk outside of Angel Farms gate. We have extra books and charts and some herbal products we recommend to have in your home health care but are not necessary for the Cleanse.  Perhaps a trip to the market you may want something.


Q. How can I make the most out of the Cleanse?

A. Focus on yourself and what you are being taught here 100% . Leave the world out and let the Cleanse transform you. Cell phones, computers and electronics are a good thing to limit as much as possible.


Q. I have a physical disability. Can you accommodate my needs?

A. Please let us know what you need and we are here to support you.


Q. How many days of the Cleanse should I plan for?

A. 12 to 13 days are perfect.


Q. What would happen in case of emergency?

A. Emergencies are rare but they do happen. We are located very close to the Hilo hospital. We are not doctors here. If you need more extensive care while you heal, we can assist in whatever way you need. There are excellent health care providers here on Big Island.


Q. I have cancer. Can Angel Farms help?

A. Yes we have hundreds and hundreds who have walked away from that journey never to see it again. It does take work and we can show you how to live a life free from that!  Examples are Alan, Lisa, Dawn, Dwight, Joan, Bo, Denise, Paul, Ken, Lucille, Brian, ……….  All are cancer free. and many, many more. 


Q. I have/had spleen/gall bladder… etc. removed.
Can Angel Farms help?

A. Yes, we have hundreds who have been to Angel Farms without gallbladders. The Cleanse works great and really helps the liver work better. We do recommend everyone stop all supplements of oil! They kill the gallbladder!


Q. Are there any conditions that can’t be helped by doing the Cleanse?

A. I, Cindy, know that everything is possible.  I have witnessed for 27 years true Miracles.  I believe that all things are possible and so far everyone has received miracles!  Everyone wants that stuff out!   We have seen miracles on all levels for years.


Q. Is it really clean?

A. Yes! We are crazy about our cleanliness. It is very important to all of us. Cleanliness if the way to Godliness!   We do our cleaning on a regular basis and cleanliness is important to us also. Do unto others and you would do unto yourself.