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    Cindy Sellers says

    by Cindy Mahealani Sellers, Master Cleanser, teacher, and healer. “This is what happens when a meal is coming through the digestive system and we have a trauma in our lives. The digestive system is not as important as the adrenals in a flight or fight response. These are then held in the body as pockets for years and years and is a great place for yeast, candidiasis, parasites and worms to live and eat your food and starve your organs. Angel Farms clears this as well as the thoughts and beliefs we hold that were pounded into our colon and stretched and blocked. This then affects our lives and health. Does that make sense? You will be amazed at what your body is holding onto and what it releases at Angel Farms. I dare you to find a Cleanse like Angel Farms that has consistent Miracles. No other Cleanse program will you find offered what Angel Farms can offer you. Are you ready to spread your wings and be a clear vessel in the world. You can be one of over 5000 Graduates that blessed us. Amazing!”

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