Oil Alarm

How many of you have ever seen concentrated oil natural in nature?

The answer is NEVER! Only mankind squishes a lot of flax seeds to get a table spoon of flax oil or a lot of hemp seeds to get a tablespoon of hemp oil, or a lot of coconuts to get a tablespoon of coconut oil, or a lot of olives to get a tablespoon of olive oil or a lot of fish to get a capsule of fish oil. We are having an epidemic of gallbladder removals because the gallbladder is the only organ in the body to break down concentrations of oil.

The gallbladder is about as big as your little finger and daily consumption of oils overloads the gallbladder, causing is great harm. Then much of the oil is released into the intestines and coats the digestive system with oil and prevents absorption of nutrition, and then because we are warm inside the oil turns rancid! I have seen more oil slicks coming out of bodies in the last 2 years then I have seen in over 24!

Crazy how we hurt ourselves to be healthy when we don’t know! Eat the flax meal or seeds, eat the hemp meal or seeds, eat the fish, eat the olives, eat the avocado and coconuts.The body can handle the fats more properly when they are in their more natural state. This does not mean we can not have it once in awhile in a salad dressing or saute your vegetables.  Just use moderation and remember your gallbladder.  Please tell your friends!

© Cindy Mahealani Sellers

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