Caffeine Wisdom

Excerpt from: “You Don’t Have to Hurt Anymore” by Cindy Mahealani Sellers

“Let’s talk about caffeine and the protein relationship you must know for good health. Caffeine has tannic acid in it. We use tannic acid to tan leather, right? When you drink caffeine on an empty stomach, which is what most people do, the tannic acid mixes with the hydrochloric acid and creates a hardening effect on your stomach lining, preventing your body from properly breaking down proteins. Uh oh!! We are protein producing machines. Our muscles, skin, hair, and major components of our bodies are protein. It also kills your bowel flora which is vitally important for bacterial breakdown in your large intestine into smaller
particles for absorption. Caffeine can be consumed without harm by eating protein first and then taking a bowel flora at night to replace the flora it killed.”

© Cindy Mahealani Sellers

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