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"I love myself now."

"I feel like a completely new person."

"The dark circles under my eyes are being erased."

"Best 10 day investment I have ever made."

"I have integrated more than ever: mind-body-spirit."

"I was finally able to admit that I am not a victim."

"Helped me feel love when I had a hard time loving myself."

"After the Cleanse I could breathe so much easier."

"I am more at peace with myself."

"My skin has begun to return to normal."

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What Is Angel Farms?

AF_Larry_MainBldgAngel Farms Cleansing and Rejuvenation Center located in Hawaii has over 5,000 satisfied clients worldwide. Here you will go through a 10 day Cleansing process that addresses the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. We focus on an age old natural process without toxic side effects. During the 10 days of The Cleanse there are additional therapies such as, Transitional Inner Child Therapy, Angel Touch Body Energy Work, Anger to Love Sessions, Bio-Mat, Lymphatic Vibration Machine, body massage, and more.

Book Excerpts


The Importance of Water
Without water we would not even be here in our bodies and Mother Earth could not exist as herself!

Your Lungs AF_Lungs
The lungs combined are one of your largest organs. The functions they do for your body are inspiration and expiration.

Recent Radio Interview

Cindy Sellers was recently interviewed by Stephanie Riggs of Divine Calling Radio in Denver.

Our New LocationAF_Newsite_Featured_Cleanse2a
 See photos of our beautiful new location in
Pepeekeo, HI.
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New Book
This book will challenge your beliefs and perceptions
about life and who you are! 
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